Friday, May 6, 2011

April Engrish Roundup

Feel the enjoy it now.

Come in here with dirty hands and you die.

But wash your hands and you get to live again.

Yes, actually, there is. Lots of things. Don't step in them.

The new CD from Ke$ha

You could do a lot worse.

I wonder if they did the one with the Pillsbury doughboy and Little Debbie.

It certainly is.

Party hardly. The opposite of party hardy.

But then, Peppers doesn't get many dates, so she's not picky.

You play it now! Or die.

The future is here. And it's not pretty.

It's tastier when it's pissed off.

What? It's the truth.

It caught on fire once.


  1. Again. One day I will visit Asia to stock up on tee-shirts.

  2. "But then, Peppers doesn't get many dates, so she's not picky."

    HA HA HA! No, I don't suppose they do get many dates! :D

  3. Like Deeppresso & Internet Hole lolz? How deep can you go into the internet hole? haha. Didnt know that learning ABCD can lead us to death? Nice captions and pixz.



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