Thursday, May 5, 2011

Annual Mother's Day Picture Post

If you want to participate in this year's pic-a-palooza, please send me your photos by Saturday night. They can be of you, your mom, you and your mom, you and your kids, your mom and your kids, you and your mom and your kids, your sister, whatever. I'm not big on rules so send whatever you like to Please let me know in the subject that it's a pic for Mother's Day so I don't miss you.

Here's last year's post. Let me know if you just want to reuse last year's photo.



  1. I love the Mother's Day post you do, Cary. It's so much fun to see the pictures people send in. :-)

  2. If I don't get another pic emailed to you in the next couple of days, just use the old one. I swear I'm still a fan...!



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