Thursday, May 26, 2011

9 Random Things I Love/QOTD

I'll leave out the obvious: my wife, my kid, homemade mac & cheese, boobs.

The smell of honeysuckle

People (or animals) who like to laugh

When a stranger speaks to you first (exceptions: street-corner crazies, Amway salespeople)

Blasting good music in my car (I'm already half-deaf, so why not?)

Movies that are a pleasant surprise (JJ Abrams' Star Trek, Beavis & Butt-Head Do America) instead of a disappointment (there isn't enough bandwidth)

A good story told well (and economically)


The smell of a baby (before he fills his diaper, that is)

The sound of an oboe, a bassoon and a cello (individually or together, I'm not picky)

Bonus (and self-pimpery): funny, ridiculous porno movie titles

Let's hear yours.


  1. I love:
    Most of my family, esp. my son
    Pink flamingos
    black mascara
    chicken tikka masala
    the smell of Coppertone suntan lotion
    My cat, Kitten

  2. The smell of honeysuckle, I totally agree with that one
    Unplanned neighborhoods so that all the houses are different
    Cats that think they are dogs
    Baking and the way it makes my house smell
    Recipes that are passed down from grandparents
    Watching a baby discover their fingers and toes
    Betta fish
    The smell of fresh cut grass

  3. .A laughing baby, especially one that is laughing so heartily that it makes me laugh too.
    .Cheesecake. Any time, any place.
    .Tickling my kids and hearing them laugh.
    .The smell and feel of fresh-from-the-dryer laundry.
    .My Kindle.
    .String instruments. I absolutely adore VSQ music.
    .People who are nice with no ulterior motive.
    .A nice summer breeze while resting in the hammock.
    .The beauty nature provides. I love living where we do and being so close to it all.

  4. 1 - Being in a bar
    2 - Napping on a spring day with baseball on TV
    3 - Having all three of my kids squirming around to get on my lap
    4 - Reminiscing
    5 - Television Opens
    6 - AM Gold
    7 - Fall weather
    8 - Texting instead of having to talk on the phone
    9 - Being in a bar in another country while my wife shops.

  5. - When a stranger smiles at you
    - The smell of sheets dried in the sun
    - Hitting all the green lights
    - The sounds of my kids laughing
    - Watching an underdog win...anything
    - Sleeping where I can hear the surf
    - Watching an old couple who are still in love
    - The sound a wine cork makes
    - Any act of kindness for its own sake
    - Quiet mornings

  6. 1) The feel of clean sheets on sunburned skin
    2) Finding unexpected money when I change purses
    3) Hanging out with someone who "gets" me
    4) The adoring way my dog looks at me when I come home
    5) Hearing a song that takes me back to summers in the 70s.
    6) The smell of a new box of crayons
    7) Babies -- any gender, any smell, any age
    8) Watching my mom's irises bloom every spring
    9) Listening to my kids laugh and talk when they don't know I can hear them

  7. • Home-popped popcorn
    • Getting under the covers on a cold, rainy day.
    • A shower after a day at the beach
    • A perfect margarita
    • The candlelight Christmas service
    • Puppy bellies
    • The first ripe tomato off the vine.
    • Laughing so hard I cry.

  8. Hearing children sing, even badly.
    Belly laughing.
    Frozen Milkyway Bites.
    Eating at the kitchen table with family or friends.
    Babies - human and animal.
    Music - all (except raunchy rap and twangy country).
    Birdfeeders with birds at them.
    Smooth writing pencils or pens.

  9. -looking at my sons and seeing glimpses of my Dad
    -the smell and taste of fresh-baked bread
    -a well-turned phrase that jumps out and sticks in my head when I'm reading poetry
    -kisses on the back of my neck
    -peonies in bloom because they always make me think of home
    -people who make me laugh
    -a fresh peach
    -blossoming crabapple trees
    -music that makes me want to dance

  10. Smell of the lake or ocean
    Sound of frogs & crickets on a lake at night
    My Powwies (little pillows I've had since I was a baby, can't sleep without them!)
    Hearing my son laugh
    Diet Coke with lime
    My cat napping next to me and purring

    This is Melissa S; Google keeps logging me in as anonymous!

  11. Forgot one; extended vacations from work!

  12. Prairie Girl said ..

    - Laughing so hard you can't breath and tears run down your face, especially if a good friend laughs with you.
    - The feeling of completing a project.
    - A good foot massage, from my husband.
    - Hearing good things about my daughters, I know they're great, good to hear others say it too.
    - The smell of baking, especially bread.
    - Seeing others enjoy the food I cook.
    - Travelling, seeing new things with people I love.
    - A day in a beach chair, in a tropical local, with a good book and no reason to feel guilty about doing nothing.
    - A soft touch on bare skin by the fingers of the man I love (that would be my husband!).

  13. - That first day of spring when you don't have to walk around bundled up like Randy in "A Christmas Story".

    - The smell of bacon first thing in the morning.

    - Hearing my nephews and niece laugh, anytime any place no matter the reason.

    - Visiting with my Pop, and just talking with him.

    - Falling asleep to the sounds of the outdoors in the summer.

    - Fresh baked pie, especially if it's Apple, or Key Lime.

    - Hanging out with my real friends from high school, none of that "fakey" Facebook friends crap.

    - Sneaking in a quick nap when I really should be doing something constructive instead. (Man, was mom right when she told me one day I'd be begging for time just to nap when I was older.)

    - That first date with a new person when everything is full of possibility, and there still are some secrets to be discovered.

  14. I forgot one too. It ranks up there with the rest. Magic Erasers. I LOVE magic erasers. If you have ever moved your college-aged child out of an apartment, you'll know that Magic Erasers get your deposit back.

  15. "When a stranger speaks to you first"

    How true.

    As for me?

    ~The wine-y smell of yeast dough as it rises
    ~The crispy bits left in the pan after I fry something
    ~Puzzles (jigsaw, word and math puzzle mags)
    ~A clean house

    That's all I can think of for now.

  16. Same here on the puzzles, M. Love to sit and work on a puzzle with K. Love crosswords and especially the Jumble.

  17. - Having my feet tickled.
    - My cat, my mom, my sister - I won't say in what order as it changes day to day.
    - The scent of orange blossoms, suntan lotion, and chlorine - the summer smells of my childhood, growing up in Phoenix.
    - NEVER spending another summer in Phoenix!
    - Reading such a great book that I have to put it down, walk away, and do something else cuz I just don't want the book to end.
    - Coming home after work to peace & quiet.
    - Non-Fiction books from which I learn something cool and new, on just about every page; subjects that send me to the internet to investigate.
    - The courage and dignity of Elizabeth Smart. Now, there is a hero.
    - Being single.

  18. My guinea pigs

    A long day to do nothing but read, nap, and watch cheesy horror films

    My grandma

    Getting puppy kisses at work

    Enjoying a good steak

  19. Peonies and lilacs (reminds me of my grandma)

    Fishing out on the lake when there is just enough of a breeze to keep the bugs away

    Snow (good thing too as I woke up to some this morning)

    Camping, but not in a campground, somewhere remote

    My eight year old child snoring

    A good thunderstorm

    Have a safe weekend everyone!

  20. My freshly cleaned kitchen floor

    My daughter's little feet

    Potatoes in any form

    Wearing my dirndl and turning heads

    A good night's sleep

    A glass of cold water when I'm really thirsty

    Having my back scratched..aaannngghhh...

    Making a joke with my son that we both appreciate

    Soy sauce on brown rice with freshly steamed broccoli

    Knowing I did something perfectly

  21. Peeking in on my kids sleeping, bliss.

    Coffee brought to me in bed by hubby or the kids.

    The smell of the lilacs outside my kitchen window.

    The excited greeting I get from my dog every time I return home.

    Chatting on the phone with my Mommy & knowing both my folks are healthy & happy.

    Feeling the cat's purr when she plops herself down on me.

    The song the washer & dryer sing when they are finished doing their job.

    A lunch/coffee date with a friend.

    The smell of the air when we turn onto the cottage road.

  22. Love that one.
    The sound of an oboe, a bassoon and a cello (individually or together, I'm not picky)

    I like classical music. (Mostly chamber and baroque)
    Randomly doing something nice.
    Bikram Yoga.
    The sound of a street sweeper.
    Later afterneen sun.
    Post workout endorphin buzz.

  23. "Same here on the puzzles, M. Love to sit and work on a puzzle with K. Love crosswords and especially the Jumble."


  24. Love your lists! Thanks, everyone, for the lists and the compliments.

  25. the feeling of sand between my toes
    when one of my kids says "I love you" without me saying it first.
    the smell of lilacs
    getting an amazing bargain on something I am buying.
    a great nap
    flip flops
    hearing great song I haven't heard or thought of in a long time
    a fantastic book
    when my husband gives me a certain look, one that conveys that in that moment, to him, I am sexiest woman in the world.

  26. When my dog yawns really big and the tip of her tongue curls and she makes a little squeak

    When my kids actually laugh at my jokes

    The color green on the walls of our family room and dining room

    The cool sparkly shawl-scarf thing I knitted

    The the exercise bike beeps to tell me my workout is done


    Seeing my 14-year-old dachshund run down the hall every morning

    Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand


  27. All right, I'm not reading anybody else's:
    New guitar strings
    When my dog talks to me
    A womans leg, beautifully done
    The feel of a perfectly struck 5 iron
    A perfect shave
    Falling asleep when its raining (good thing I live in Seattle)
    Happening upon large wildlife (elk, whales, NBA player)
    Hearing from an old friend I actually like



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