Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tragic Commercials Of The Day

Happy Easter, gang!

Everyone knows Sonny is coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs. Alas, this condition has persisted for decades without intervention. Does he have no loved ones, no dear friends who are sensitive to his plight? On the contrary, those he keeps company with taunt him endlessly with large bowls of his sweet, chocolaty Achilles heel. They've never had to deal with him the next day. They've never had to be the ones holding his feathers back from his beak as he vomits cocoa almost endlessly. They've never had to deal with the constant shaking, the tearful promises of 'never again'.

Even in the old days, when his addiction was just beginning to grow, his support group could best be described as enablers. See how they taunt him, knowing full well his weakness for that chocolatey treat. It makes me sad.



  1. Hahaha! It's so sad to see them in that downward spiral. You can't do anything but sit back and wait and watch them hit bottom and then hope they can find their way back up again.

    Happy Easter, Lefty, and to the rest of the LOTD peeps too! :-)

  2. That was like watching a bad episode of "Intervention." Poor Sonny. Kids can be so cruel.

    Nice job, Lefty. Love the image of holding his feathers back while he hurls. Not that I have any personal experience with such an event. Nope, not me. :)

  3. Thanks Daisy and RGR! I feel for Sonny, and the Trix Rabbit, and Lucky. I hear so many cries for help from them, but they have to be willing to help themselves.


  5. Loved that, Lefty! For what it's worth, as a kid I used to be SO upset about them never giving that damn Trix rabbit a lousy bowl of cereal. Still pisses me off, come to think of it.

  6. Ha, good one Lefty. I especially loved the "giant hand of enablement". Makes me closely examine the subtle messages sent to me as I transfixed on the TV as a kid. "Must have Cocopuffs" of course, that was after two bong hits....................BOL



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