Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Teacher Of The Day: Chicken Lady

Who can blame her? I'd drink too if I had to teach 8th graders.

From The Smoking Gun.

Drunk Teacher Who Allegedly Flapped Arms And Made Chicken Noises Removed From Classroom

A Massachusetts middle school teacher was removed from her classroom last week when students reported that she appeared drunk, asking one pupil “how would it feel to have a bullet in his head” and “flapping her arms, and making chicken noises, and or trying to fly.”

Eva Brady, 47, was driven home by a colleague from Pentucket Regional Middle School after students in her eighth grade history class told administrators they “believed there was something wrong with their teacher.”

According to a West Newbury Police Department report, an officer was called to the school and observed a 32-ounce Gatorade bottle that was “a little over a 1/4 to a 1/2 empty” and noted that the liquid “appeared to be lighter in color than most Gatorade products.”

After smelling the contents police “determined that it had some sort of alcohol added to it” and a test of the liquid determined “alcohol present in the container.” The educator, who has not been charged with any crime, has yet to return to the classroom.

* That's not Eva in the mugshot above.


  1. Ha! I thought that the chicken in the picture was going to be saying, "What the cluck?" :-D

  2. Perhaps it's better than smoking crack? The only real law to be broken would be public intoxication, right? Nice blog.

  3. She broke no laws and wasn't charged.

  4. Unrelated, but your mugshot of the day looks like Vera from Mel's Diner on Alice.

  5. And again I ask - Why is our kids isn't learning?

  6. Having been a middle school teacher...God knows there are some days only booze helps. But you take it AFTER dismissal. What an idiot!

  7. When I was in second semester of college, our Mechanics teacher arrived completely wasted, threatening to kill us with the difficulty of his class and proceeded to fall asleep on the desk. Afterwards, he shat his pants in the corridor. When our career coordinator complained, he was removed from our class but not fired, as he was a unionized teacher.

  8. Chrocs--The union has less to do with it than the law. If you show up under the influence at any job, you have to be offered help and cannot be fired. Alcoholism and drug addiction fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    As a middle school teacher, I get why she was drunk...Kidding.

  9. Hi Sandi

    It's different in Mexico, the law provides that if you are drunk or drugged while working, you can be fired with cause. If you take prescription drugs that may impair you, you are allowed to take a paid leave, and if you need to detox, you can seek help, but no working while chugging.

  10. Yep! That's what kids will do to ya!

  11. "a little over a 1/4 to a 1/2 empty"
    ...so what you're saying is that it was 1/3 empty?



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