Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Artist of the Day: Super Sprayer

Here's a neat little video of artist Brandon McConnell using spray paints, magazine pages, a pie tin, and a blow torch to create art. I recommend that you turn down the volume -- the music is really annoying.



  1. So does that mean I am weird if I liked the music? That was amazing....I love the result. I love it when people think of things you could never imagine and make beauty out of it.

  2. I saw a guy do this when I was in San Antonio a few years ago and I bought a couple of his pieces. It was absolutely amazing to watch.

  3. Cool stuff! I wonder if breathing in all that spray paint ever gets to him. I spray painted a chair once and the fumes made me dizzy.

  4. WOW! I love that. I'm jealous at how well his spray cans work. Mine never spray that smoothly!

    Daisy, I wondered that, too! It doesn't make me dizzy but it did completely coat my nose hairs and eyebrows once. I didn't realize it and picked up my kids looking like I had just made out with the Blue Man Group.

  5. Teresa, not at all! Art's all subjective, after all. ;)

    Carolyn - I'm sure it was! I recently saw a man making art out of wood that he was burning with a magnifying glass using the sun. Amazing!

    Daisy, on his website photos he is often seen wearing a mask... which seems like a very good idea!

  6. RGR - I can't help it -- I'm giggling picturing you with painted nose and eyebrow hairs! Hee!

  7. Not my kind of art, but impressive nonetheless. This is a regular occurrence in Mex border towns, but those guys have enough sense to wear masks. I had a hard time focusing on the vid with MSOTD grinning at me :)



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