Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ridiculous Pictures Of Celine Dion (Of The Day)

I have a new favorite Tumblr blog. As for Celine, it's almost hard to hate on someone so utterly, unapologetically goofy. Almost.

Thanks, Laura, for the link.

Of course, my favorite Celine pics will always be these.

She looks like a vulture.

Air guitar FTMFW!

She just saw Cher.

See what I mean?

"At the barricades of freedom, will you take your place with me?"

Lots more here.


  1. Since that's clearly not her baby, she's using the baby as a prop. That's kind of ick I think. The faces are good, but the vulture is my favorite.

  2. Google Images lists 6,690,000 images for The Dion. Where are the other 6,689,990?

  3. What's with the last picture? Does she think by posing with this baby that it will make her look more...I dunno "humanitarian?" or something? I don't get it...who's baby is that? Clearly, it's not hers.

  4. Aw...thanks, Cary.♥

    These pictures are hilarious. She doesn't need Photoshop to make her look goofy. She has almost as many funny faces as Mr. Bean. She struck the jackpot with her Air Guitar poses. =)

  5. Of course its not her baby. This pic was from a Photo-shoot she did with Anne Geddes as part of her Miracle album. Anne Geddes is known photographer and she works with newborns.

  6. I agree -- she's almost too goofy to make fun of! She looks like she might be kind of fun to hang out with. :-x

    SJP, however... fire at will.

  7. I'll take CD over Madonna any day.

  8. One of my friends is a former make-up artist. He worked on Celine for a year of her Vegas run. He said she smells like garlic and old man, with just a whiff of contempt.

    He also worked with Cher, Madonna, Penn and Teller, Criss Angel, and the biggest diva of them all, Elton John.

  9. This may be kinda mean, but that first pic and this totally look like they were separated at birth.

  10. She is never going to be an attractive woman. However, compared to SJP, she's decent. Please find some (more than usual) godawful photos of SJP so we can make fun of her!



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