Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Retro TV Show Of The Day: Chuck Norris

Not only have I never seen this, I've never even heard of it. 'Cuz I would've totally watched this, even if Chuck never talked at all, which seems to be the case.

Best YouTube comment: "So who's the star of this show? Is it Chuck Norris?"


  1. You gotta love a superhero who can kick ass barefooted, shirtless and without saying a word -- sportin' a porn 'stache to boot. Awesome.

  2. I would have watched this. I probably did. It ran for only five episodes in 1986. I was watching fewer cartoons at the time as my hormones had me doing other things.

  3. He's pretty tuff, but anybody who is anybody knows you can't prevent and crocodile bite from coming down once it's in the up position. Holding it down, or a 4x4 piece of wood maybe...but that would only might work on an alligator, that was clearly a crocodile as their is no mistaking salt in the water.

    I came here from Waystationone

  4. Cary I can make you feel even worse for missing this show. As a kid I had both the Karate Kommandos Koloring book (okay I futzed with the spelling for a funny.) AND several of the action figures.

    Admit it, you're so jealous you want to bask in my glory.



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