Tuesday, April 12, 2011

QOTD: Lessons Learned

Whether or not it was a good relationship, you should learn something from every one. At least, that's what an ex-girlfriend taught me. What have you learned from past relationships?

I'll start:
  1. Liquid soap does not leave behind soap scum.
  2. "No" means "no," but "It's nothing" means "It's you."
  3. In S&M role play, "Harder!" is a bad choice for a safe word.

Your turn.

-- Frank


  1. Don't try to change the other person. Accept them for who they are, 100%.

  2. I gotta go with what Melissa said. That's the same thing I learn with every relationship--friends, family, romantic...You gotta accept them for what they are, not for what they potentially could be.

  3. ALWAYS trust your instincts.

  4. Not to do that again. Learn it every time.

  5. Alternatively, Melissa, don't try to change for the other person, they'll never be satisfied.

  6. Once a drunk and/or liar, always a drunk and/or liar.

    Trying to change your significant (or in some cases insignificant) other will only lead to heartache, headache, and anger on both ends.

    First loves are not always your greatest or lifelong loves.

    Use birth control. Religiously.

  7. 1. Always check your coffee before you drink, to make sure there is not a spider floating in it.

    2. If your boyfriend cheats and gets someone pregnant, then asks YOU to take the girl for an abortion, the correct answer is ALWAYS 'fuck you'. (Followed quickly by the 2nd thought 'Don't ever talk to me again.'

    3. Don't make out with his best friend. Friendships trump girlfriends and you WILL get busted. (I learned this one the hard way in 9th grade. I can't believe I did that. To this day I still feel like apologizing!)

  8. Oh, and I can't forget the one that should have been obvious:

    If you chance to meet up with an old boyfriend years later, and you sleep with him again (not to say that I would ever do such a thing!!), telling him that his technique has, um, 'improved' is not always met with the positive response that for whatever reason in hell you thought it would be! :)

  9. I'd say Chris "nailed" it.

  10. Don't say you like something you don't, or prepare to live with it forever.

  11. Don't waste a minute on a guy who goes out with you but tells people he's not seeing anyone.
    Writing your name in the snow at a party ( because some girl's locked in the bathroom all night and you really have to go) and telling your date about it will freak him out for some reason I don't quite get. Oh well.

  12. Humans are not necessarily monogamous. Sometimes infidelity can make a marriage better.

  13. 1. The worst outcome is not to remain single forever. It is to marry the wrong person.

    2. That said, the moment was your lives are inextricably entwined is not when you get married. After all, you can get divorced and never see each other again if it ends badly. However, when you have a child together - then, even if you later become mortal enemies, that person will always, but always, be a major factor in your life.

    3. Those two both being said, don't let the one get away. Move heaven and earth, do whatever you need to. Otherwise, you will be kicking yourself about it until Doomsday, and deep, intense, skull-screaming regret is the worst feeling you'll ever experience, bar none.

  14. If you are a vegetarian and he forces you to eat escargot on prom night, it's probably not going to work out.

  15. No matter how many times he jokes about his weight or his penis size, don't make jokes about his weight or penis size.

  16. I learned when you think you know someone (after living with them for several years), you don't.

  17. "...deep, intense, skull-screaming regret is the worst feeling you'll ever experience, bar none."

    Well put, Aries. That's the most profound thing I've read in a long time.

  18. What Melissa and Aries said.

    And people don't really change who they are. Not in ways that actually matter.

  19. Love and marriage are really a disguise for dishonesty and compromise. I learned that once. Also, if your significant other goes many places with out you, you're not actually an S/O...

  20. You say compromise like it's a bad thing. No relationships succeed without compromise on both sides; that is not unique to love and marriage.

  21. 1.) If a woman asks, "Does this make my ass look fat?" The correct answer is an immediate "No baby, you look great." NOT "I'm not quite sure it's the clothes babe."

    1a.) If while locked outside of a bathroom listening to a sobbing woman you have need to use said bathroom, DO NOT jokingly ask her, "Well, can I use it, or did you get stuck when you sat down on the toilet?"

    1b.) The proper response to a very angry woman opening the bathroom door and giving you the stink-eye is, "Baby, you know I was just kidding and that I find your radiant beauty a joy to behold, and I thank God everyday that I found you." NOT "What? It was just a joke."

    1c.) I've found that contrary to what they say on TV, a steak doesn't really help with a blackeye as much as they claim.


    Bravo on the yellow snow making. As a guy I know there is an art to it, but hearing a woman doing it without the aid of tools or the need for a change of clothes afterward is awesome. Screw the jerk who can't appreciate that level of craftswoman-ship.

  22. "Let's keep it casual" means I don't really want to commit to you.

    I learned that from the worst person I ever dated. We went out off and on for 9 months and it took me that long to realize exactly what kind of shit I didn't want to put up with. When I finally realized that someone else would date me, the bad one finally decided that she was ready to commit.

    I dated someone on the other end of the spectrum before I dated satan. Both taught me incredible lessons that I'm better off for.

  23. They always say watch how a guy treats his mother. I have a corollary

    a. Mama > you .... God help you, you have a Mama's boy who's never gonna stand up to her, never gonna put any woman ahead of her.

    b. Mama = you ..... good. He knows how to balance his life.

    c. Mama < you .... hmm. There's some dynamic at play there that you may need to be aware of, because it could rear itself when you least expect it and it will be like, "WTF just happened?"

    and d. EVERYONE ELSE > Mama and you combined: You both need to beat his sorry @$$ and go out for drinks together!



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