Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Google Street View Project Of The Day

From artist Jon Rafman:

Two years ago, Google sent out an army of hybrid electric automobiles, each one bearing nine cameras on a single pole. Armed with a GPS and three laser range scanners, this fleet of cars began an endless quest to photograph every highway and byway in the free world.

Every ten to twenty meters, the nine cameras automatically capture whatever moves through their frame. Computer software stitches the photos together to create panoramic images. To prevent identification of individuals and vehicles, faces and license plates are blurred.

One year ago, I started collecting screen captures of Google Street Views from a range of Street View blogs and through my own hunting. This essay illustrates how my Street View collections reflect the excitement of exploring this new, virtual world.

A few of my favorites follow. Many, many more here, with much larger (and better) views.

(I guess that's one way to rock the house. Thank yewww!)


  1. These are so cool!

    "rock the house" heh! :-)

    The picture of the little kid hiding made me laugh too.

  2. Dr. Frankenstein: "When you're blue and you don't know where to go to why don't you go where fashion sits..."

    Mugshot Of The Day: "Puttin On The Ritz!"

  3. #3 is not too far from my house in Berwyn, IL. They actually just tore it down a couple of years ago which is a shame considering that was the only good thing about that place.

  4. Once I was looking for a place near my house and there was a picture of a dude performing some gold-diggin' while sitting on a curb with a beer can. Too bad I can't remember the frame where I found that.

  5. You should check out the link with the other photos. No gold-digging, but lots of similarly interesting scenes.

  6. There are a lot of hooker shots, and I saw Wayne and Garth...Party on!!!!!!!!

  7. OK, I did. I'm almost certain that the one with the port bellied man who looks about to jump off a window was taken in my city. All those pics are so random! Can only imagine the stories behind.

  8. Haha! Those were awesome. Love the kid hiding and the galloping caribou on the highway.

    I do have to wonder what the deal is with the inordinate number of hookers and Segway riders in the shots...and people getting arrested.

  9. If the little boy behind the trash can were mine I'd show him this picture and say, "See? I told you Santa Claus was always watching!"

    The baby in front of Gucci is fabulous. Gucci, gucci, goo!

  10. rich girl red - that's funny!

    Is the guy mooning the camera by his car wearing a thong? If you follow the link and look at the bigger pic, it sure looks like it. Nice undies, dude. (Or, really ugly, chick!)

  11. I thought it was a chick. There was another guy mooning and a naked chick at the beach, too. She looked cold.



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