Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fugly Prom Dresses Of The Day

I don't know jack about dresses, but these scare me. Pics from The Fashion Police, and more.

I bet they sold a lot of these after 9/11

It's on backwards, right?

Looks like a playing card going through the shredder

Needs more ruffles!

Looks like she lost a shit-slinging contest. Stupid girl -- the monkeys always win.

A little bright, huh? The bees will like it.

Prom dress: $135
Date for the night: $300 (extra for "full service")

The cougar special

Have you ever felt sorry for a piece of fabric?

They couldn't get anyone to model this one. Not surprising.

That's not a heart, it's a vag. WTF? At midnight, a baby pops out.

No, no, you don't look like a whore at all.

Ms. Snuffleuffagus

I've got Linda Evans on the line. She wants her dress back.

This next batch are entries in a duct-tape prom contest. See more here. Link from Brooke.

They're in the marching band. How do I know? I just do.

He drives a tractor to school.

For a good time, put your "key" in her "heart."


  1. the hooker looks like she is constipated and trying to take a dump.. lol

  2. From the expression on her face and the way the $300 date gal is standing, I think she may be constipated. I also wonder how many times she or someone else stepped on the back of her dress during the night and tripped her up.

    "Ms. Snuffleuffagus" ha ha!

    Great captions, C! :-)

  3. HA! Mine and I are thinking alike today. :)

  4. The shit-slinging girl looks oddly different from behind. Hmmm.

    Snuffleuffagus cracked me up. Although I was drawn to the big eyes those razor sharp collar bones really got my attention. Her date will need to wear protective gear if he's going to go near all that.

    Even though I applaud the creativity required to make a duct tape prom dress, I'm disturbed by how hot and sweaty it would be to wear -- and the resulting aroma after disrobing. Ick.

  5. Wow, what a collection! Excellent post, Cary.

    The Strawberry Shortcake mess is giving me diabetes, and you're right -- I do feel sorry for that fabric! Gah!

  6. Frank, MM and I heard about that on the radio this morning on the way to school. I'm wondering if the dress and accessories are finished why is the mom still folding wrappers? Is she planning a Starburst wedding dress?

  7. I never saw the appeal of Starburst candy. Ditto Skittles. Yawn.

  8. Their wrappers are so colorful, Cary!

  9. I'd wear the Linda Evans dress and get a puffy hairdo. But I'd do it for a wedding, and would offer to sing something from Dionne Warwick, "After You" and "I'll Never Love This Way Again" are good options.

  10. Yeah, I just saw the starburst dress and think it's the best one of all.

    Starburst, blech...but I love tropical skittles but it only takes a few before I'm doing that gag thing you get when you eat too many sweet things!

  11. So this is what happens to all those costumes that companies are unable to sell on Halloween.

  12. Cary said...

    I never saw the appeal of Starburst candy. Ditto Skittles.

    Well speaking as a former terrible brat of a child, if you warm up some Starburst candies in your pockets before you mash em into your cousin's hair it sticks a thousand times better than bubble gum.

    Also Skittles? They make awesome ammo for a slingshot, and I can tell you that they are surprising reliable at both breaking windows, and giving great little black and bluesies to your brothers or sisters.

    As a plus no grownup would give you shit for carrying around a handful of Skittles versus hauling around some rocks.

    Ah misspent youth.



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