Wednesday, April 27, 2011

21 (x2) Things We Wish We'd Known At 21

Continuing a theme. I highlighted my favorites. From Wendy Atterberry at The Frisky.
  1. Champagne, vodka, gin and beer don’t mix well.
  2. If he never calls before 11 p.m., he’s not interested in a real relationship.
  3. “Comfort” and “security” aren’t big enough reasons to stay with someone.
  4. Guys don’t care about — or even notice — those 10 extra pounds.
  5. Love is rarely packaged the way you expect it to be.
  6. It’s generally much kinder to be direct with someone than pussy-foot around the truth in order to spare feelings.
  7. One of the biggest keys to making friendships last is being flexible in your expectations.
  8. If your happiness with someone is contingent on one little thing he or she needs to change, cut your losses and move on.
  9. If you don’t have the money to pay cash for it, don’t buy it.
  10. Box dye jobs look like box dye jobs (especially if you’re going for red).
  11. If his friends hate you, your days together are probably numbered.
  12. Relationships are not supposed to be hard in the beginning.
  13. If he says he doesn’t want a relationship, he really means it.
  14. Eyebrows really don’t grow back if they’re overly tweezed.
  15. Nude underwear is really the only acceptable color to wear under white pants.
  16. This moment — however good or bad it is — will be just a blip on the radar two years from now.
  17. If he seems obsessed with his ex, he probably is.
  18. Holding a grudge is bad for your back (and soul).
  19. When a vet says your cat has cancer, get a second opinion before you let him operate.
  20. A teaspoon is not the same thing as a tablespoon.
  21. Buying it one size too small won’t make you lose weight any faster.

Wendy thought of more a few months later:

  1. Therapy isn’t just for people who think they’re crazy.
  2. Most people experience bouts of loneliness, sadness, confusion and insecurity, too (no matter how strong or put-together they seem).
  3. If you hate your job, quit ... but not before you have another one lined up (or enough money to float you for many months).
  4. Judging other people’s decisions is not the best way to validate your own.
  5. Sleep, water, and sunscreen: cheaper than Botox and more effective than makeup.
  6. New Year’s Eve is pretty overrated.
  7. Mom and Dad don’t always know best.
  8. Toothpaste makes a wonderful overnight zit cream.
  9. If you can’t imagine kissing him, don’t bother going out with him “just to make sure there isn’t something there.”
  10. A good haircut is worth the expense.
  11. The price of owning a car is typically three to five times what you pay for it when you buy it.
  12. Two glasses of water after a night of drinking will save your ass the next morning.
  13. If it fits you perfectly and you love it, buy two. (But three if it’s on sale!)
  14. It’s never as good as the first time.
  15. Internet comments are rarely about the person being responded to.
  16. A smile can make you look at least five years younger.
  17. If you suddenly look five pounds heavier, you might need a new bra more than a new diet.
  18. Seriously, you don’t need a relationship to be happy.
  19. Washing your face before bed is a must.
  20. Sometimes, keeping the peace is so much better than being right.
  21. If it’s important, don’t say it in an email.


  1. These are wonderful. I've learned some of these; some I'm in the middle of learning; the rest I'm not sure about.

    I liked this one, too: "Love is rarely packaged the way you expect it to be."

  2. Great. I'll be shopping for a bra, now.

  3. Get one with cut-outs over the nips. Those are totally hot.

  4. 20 and 21 the second time around are the main reasons that 19 and 20 of the first revolution do not require highlight.

    and sorry for the intrusion, I honestly do like the posts I've read here at listoftheday.

  5. Good idea, Lefty, but remember: If it fits you perfectly and you love it, buy two. (But three if it’s on sale!)

  6. Lefty, pics or it didn't happen! ;)

    I like these lists. Of the first 21, I agree heartily with #12, and of the second 21 #13 really speaks to me. I'm trying to keep #15 in mind more lately, too. Constant nitpicking criticism can wear you down, but when it's mostly anonymous, I need to realize that it's not really about me.

  7. To #10 on the second list, I would probably say, "Don't worry so much about your hair. In the grand scheme of things, it just isn't that important," but that's just me.

    #15 about Internet comments on the second list made me laugh a little because that was something I didn't have to worry about when I was 21.

    My favorites were #s 16 and 18 in both lists and #20 in the second list.

  8. That Cat one sounds like someone had a bad experience.

  9. @Lefty~ if you end up getting the bra with the cut outs, you certainly won't have to worry about wearing nude underwear with your white pants... one will notice.

  10. If you don't have nude underwear, just go commando under white pants like I do. The stretchy Sansabelt nut-huggers sans undies really drives the dames wild.

  11. Cat with cancer: if the second vet agrees, put poor kitty out of her misery, gently, so gently, and with great love and care, by having either vet administer that last shot. And as hard as it is, stay with kitty. She stayed with you. I guarantee you will regret leaving her alone, at the time she needed you the most.

  12. Cut out nips and sansabelt nut huggers. Got it. I only hope I won't have to put kitty down in that ensemble.

    Ladies - how do you keep your back hair out of the hook and loop dealies?

  13. Don't worry, Lefty. There isn't a pussy alive who'd go near you in that outfit. ;)

  14. Maybe it's my age, but there are a lot of things that I wish I knew when I was a teenager.

  15. The box color only looks crappy if you don't know what you're doing. troof.



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