Wednesday, April 6, 2011

20 Celebs Who Aren't Assholes (Of The Day)

They do exist, believe it or not.

From The Frisky.


“I met Jason at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party. He was so sweet and he was kind of hitting on me. But then I got chocolate-covered marshmallow all over my face and he bailed. Sigh.”


“Liz and I had a 15-minute phone conversation booked, and she stayed on for an hour and a half and told me we were like ‘sisters.’ (Uh, grain of salt.) She is surprisingly girly—as in, she wants to talk about hair and makeup and clothes. She’s also a total beauty product junkie.”


“I met Joseph when he was doing an art show with my friend in Brooklyn. He introduced himself as “Jo” as he shook another friend’s hand. She said under her breath “...seph Gordon Levitt.” Very sweet and cordial guy. And obviously, beautiful and talented as well.”


“I met Anne Hathaway at an after-party for Becoming Jane. She was personally saying hello to each guest at the party and walked right up to me and said, ‘Hi, I’m Annie!’ It turns out that she and the friend I came to the party with knew each other from way back, so they chatted for a bit. She seemed genuinely sweet and normal.”


“Hands down, the most wonderful celebrity I’ve interviewed was Robert Smith of The Cure. I’ve idolized him since I was, oh, 12—so I was literally shaking when I walked into the room. He made me a lovely gin and tonic to calm my nerves. After our 10-minute interview turned into an hour, he said it was one of the most fun ones he’d done in years. Swoon.”


“My dad is besties with Gene Hackman who is a totally awesome guy with tons of amazing stories. Strangely enough, he is also an incredibly talented painter and has gifted my parents’ restaurant a lot of artwork. He even put up with me bringing over my fanboy friends to meet him.”


“The coolest/most real star was Patricia Arquette. She sat down and smoked cigarettes with me and we got so chatty that for a minute I forgot it was an interview. She was just very warm and sweet and cool.”

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  1. I've met and worked with a fair number of celebs, and the nicest one ever was Donny Osmond. (OK, sure, he was a Dancing With The Stars Champion...but does he still count as a celebrity these days?)

  2. I've met John Candy, Carl Reiner, Diane Franklin, Lawrence Monoson and Sid Haig. All of them were great to meet in person.

  3. Dave Matthews was a dick to me.

  4. I've met Yeardley Smith and Mark Lenard. Both were super-nice and Yeardley Smith was a total hottie. I was glad she did not die shortly after I met her.

    I love hearing stories of how nice stars can be. I'm sure, like anyone, they can have their bad days as well, If I were a famous guy, I'd be a total dick to fans, but I'd tip well.

  5. I've met a few, mostly known only in Australia.
    Alex O'laughlin (new Hawaii 5-0) was one. He was dressed in a wife beater and mirrored aviators and if that wasn't enough to make me fall in love with him, he was SO NICE. I'll take that memory to my grave.
    Don't know if any of you know actor Ben Mendelsohn, but he's pretty big news here and he is an absolutely fabulous person. He taught my son (3 at the time) how to play pinball. A thouroughly top bloke.
    I've met some famous arseholes too, but don't want to give them any extra publicity!

  6. Me and Axl Rose went to different high schools together. I've heard he is a real ass!

  7. My husband and I met Jason Segel in a bar in New Orleans while he was there filming a movie. He was a super nice guy and although a bit tipsy, he hung around and chit chatted with us for over an hour.

  8. Something about Robert Smith using the words "most fun" just doesn't seem right.

    I was watching a rerun of How I Met Your Mother the other day and Jason Segel was wearing a KU shirt. It was pink, but no matter.

  9. I used to wait on celebs at the Ritz Carlton: Brooke Shields, Cheryl Tiegs, Tony Peck, Timothy Busfield, etc., but the nicest and most respectful celeb was Charlton Heston. A very nice man. Always looked me right in the eye when talking to me. The others treat you like you're invisible.



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