Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weekly World News Covers Of The Day

God I miss this rag. I subscribed for years. They still have a website but stopped publishing in print in 2007.


  1. Poor Elvis and his Clint Howard 'do.

    Where's Batboy??????

  2. Probably in a cave somewhere.

    Thought I'd beat Lefty to the punch. ;)

    So much hilarious, outrageous goodness in one place! Simply amazing. One of my crazy uncles bought those things all the time and seemed to actually believe the stories written there.

    I don't think I ever bought any of them, but I can remember seeing the covers on the racks at the checkout counter at the store. Reading the headlines was always good for a laugh and to pass the time while waiting in line to buy your groceries.

  4. YEAH!!! Where's BatBoy??

    I bought it once, and absolutely howled at the "Dear Dottie" advice column -- all the stuff you knew that Dear Abby probably wanted to say but didn't!

  5. I'd sort of forgotten about this publication! It was always good for giggles while standing at the check-out line, as Daisy says.

    Although, I think they were doing this even before PS existed, right? So, some some folks were getting creative with old-fashioned cut and paste skilz.

    Batboy and other assorted human-animal incarnations were always my favorites, along with the shocking revelations that historical figures like Genghis Khan were actually gay. I mean, who knew?

  6. I think it would be so cool to work for them. Brainstorming sessions would be a blast since nothing is off limits.

    "Parent Vanishes During Peekaboo Game" made me snort, as did "Itsy Bitsy Bikini Brings Hot Dog Vendor Success!"

    They get rid of this fabulous rag and we are left with a poor substitute -- the Wall Street Journal. Tragic.

  7. Bay Boy has his own comics by IDW. Haven't bought any of the issues though.

  8. Photosho... Dammit, Daisy!

    I recently heard a podcast interviewing a guy who worked for WWN. The questions were heavily weighted toward Batboy.



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