Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sad, Embarrassed Etsy Boyfriends Of The Day

You made some goofy funked-up shit to sell on Etsy and now you need some sucker to model it. Cue the boyfriend. Sigh. The things men do for sex...

From Urlesque.

How can you do this to me?

I hate you so much right now.

You have broken my pride, but not my prana. Vishnu and I forgive you. Namaste.

Please no one recognize me please no one recognize me please no one recognize me

I'm so fuckin' dead.

Angry? No, more like... disappointed.

I could get a new girlfriend. No pussy is worth this.

See the rest at Urlesque.


  1. That last one with the crocheted beard attached is hilarious! I can remember when I first learned to crochet. I think I was about 9 or 10 years old. I made a hat for my Dad. Although I'd like to think it wasn't quite as bad as some of these, it still looked like it was made by a child, I'm sure. My Dad wore it anyway, though. Bless his heart. :-)

  2. "You have broken my pride, but not my prana. Vishnu and I forgive you. Namaste." Bwah ha ha...killing me with the captions, as usual! :D

  3. The crohawk is great! Sadly, I know two or three guys who actually would ask their girlfriends to crochet some of these models for them...

  4. My best friend crocheted me a bikini when I was 15. I couldn't wait to wear it to the pool but after about 15 minutes in the water, the saturated cotton yarn began to stretch, and gape, and sag. When I tugged on it to try and cover up my bits and pieces, it started unraveling. It cost me $10 of hard-earned babysitting money to get my brother to give me his t-shirt so I make a modest getaway.

    I hope these guys had a happier ending.

  5. I don't think my husband loves me enough to ever, EVER model any of these things. Not that I'm domestic enough to know how to knit or crochet, but that's beside the point, dammit.

  6. Ha! My cousin had a crocheted bikini I could see a nipple through it dry, but due to a tornado, I never got to see it wet... which is fine. She's my cousin. -sigh-.

  7. All these guys look like the sort with very, very strong-willed wives who have somehow convinced themselves that they can be supportive and sensitive without sacrificing their they wear ridiculous bits of clothing made from yarn Wifey picked up at Joann's in the sale bin. Everyone involved is fooling themselves in a sad, sad way.



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