Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Least Intimidating Photos Of Ice Cube (Of The Day)

"Twenty years ago I would've pissed my pants if Ice Cube made eye contact with me. Now I want to put my ice cream cone on his head." - FilmDrunk, creators of this list.

See them all here.


  1. I've said this for years. Talk about a 180.

  2. Still, I'd rather have his career than Cuba Gooding Jr.'s

    I think I'll go kick his ass.

  3. These pix definitely prove a point - we all mellow with age. Nice shot with the chipmunk.. what's next? A role in a Disney flick?

  4. Ice Cube is trying to make money. I don't hate on him for doing kiddy movies, but I sure do miss the old Ice Cube sometimes. I'm waiting for the day Samuel L. Jackson does a Disney musical, lol.

  5. We all sell out sooner or later. And I'm okay with that as long it comes with dollar signs and a lot of zeroes at the end of the number.

  6. Dammit, Cary! It used to be about rebellion! I used to respect you.

    Just kidding. I never respected you.

  7. I think he's just being smart. Not everyone can pull off "badass pimp" into middle age. Work with what you've got and get paid handsomely for it, I say.

    Besides, until he does a Tyler Perry movie he's not a sell-out.

  8. Thanks, Lefty. With respect comes expectations, so I'm probably better off without it.

  9. Ice T was on "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" a couple months ago describing pretty much the same thing, going from tough guy (e.g., "Cop Killer") to mainstream softy ("Law & Order: SUV").

    I guess that's what happens when you have "ice" in your name: at first you're cold and hard, and then you eventually melt.

    Unless you're Vanilla Ice, in which case you evaporate.

    Ice-T and Ice Cube may have cultivated their bad boy image thanks to their birth names: Ice Cube's first name is O'Shea (Black Irish, I guess) and Ice-T's is Tracy.

    When I was young, apparently we lived a half mile from Ice Cube, while my older sister attended the same high school as Snoop Dogg (original name: Calvin).



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