Monday, March 28, 2011

Honest Movie Posters of the Day

Funny stuff from


See them all here.


  1. These are great! Wouldn't it be fun to take these to a theater and switch them out for the real posters? HA! :-)

  2. Highlander 2 poster is dead on. I loved the first one, saw the second in the theater. The only sequel I've ever seen that retroactively ruined its predecessor.

  3. My pleasure, Cary!

    My favorite one was Rango. So, so true....

  4. These are all really funny but I snorted when I got to "Watchmen." I was dragged there (pretty much against my will but bribed with Reese's Cups and popcorn--hey, I'm easy) and I actually slept through every scene that did NOT include the aforementioned bits. The movie was so long I was sure the seasons had changed while I was trapped in the theater.

  5. @ lefty

    You never saw Jaws 2-4, the new Star wars trilogy, or Star Trek 3, 5, 7, 9, 10?

    @ RGR

    Personally I could have done without seeing lower Manhattan myself. Just like the opening scenes to "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" I wound up covering my eyes anytime schwing-schwong flashed up on screen like I was a five year old watching a slasher flick.

  6. LOL @ Cam: Lower Manhattan. Including LONG Island.

  7. Yeah, I saw them Cam, but they didn't change the originals. Highlander 2 reinvented the mythology of the immortals to make them space aliens. That tainted the original film for every subsequent viewing. Jaws is still great, Stars Wars and Trek still hold up.

  8. Watchmen is one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and that's sayin' something! Even the big blue dong couldn't save it.

  9. I liked Watchmen despite the huge blue dong - but I was/am a fan of the source material.



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