Friday, March 25, 2011

Funny Sports TV Screencaps Of The Day

From Funny Or Die (among others)

See more at Funny Or Die.


  1. I always thought that Lee Corso was a penis, too.

  2. Who is Lee Corso? And the Penguins player does look like too much man.

  3. The sports stuff is hilarious but I am totally in awe the of soda can tab 'do.

  4. Clint is pretty popular. I remember you posted a picture of a cake somebody made for Clint a while back too. :-)

    I think that last photo is my favorite.

  5. I don't follow sports, but I am a sports blooper aficionado. I can say that this collection inspires a hearty golf clap from me.

    MSOD - Hey! Both eyes on me when I'm talkin' to you.

  6. Lee Corso is the older gentleman in the first "Lee Corso is a penis" photo. He is not loved by all, apparently.

  7. If you really love BJ's you ought not be looking at your watch. That's tacky and shows an alarming lack of commitment.

    They could flash the scores for the entire league on that last lady's five-head.



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