Monday, March 7, 2011

February Mugshot Roundup

Your monthly lineup of FAIL.

Luther suddenly came to the sad stark realization that his pirate days were over.

She just saw what we're seeing.

No, that's not Fat Albert. That's his big brother, Colossal Curtis.

So Velma sold a little weed out of the Mystery Machine to make ends meet between cases. Is that so wrong?

Tickets please. Okay, you're in Block 2, Cell 14. That's gonna be up the stairs to your left, 5th cell over. Enjoy your stay.

Did you say BISCUITS?!

Is that Lynyrd or Skynyrd? I get them mixed up.

Hork in 3...2....1....

Well that was easy. Next.

It's about time they held someone accountable for cafeteria food.

Got any gum?

Congratulations. Feel free not to tell us another word about it.


Talk to the beard cuz the glasses ain't listening


Prince's cousin, Knave

Bubbles told you to hide before she made bond. You should have listened.


  1. Wow, this group SHOULD be rounded up. What a bunch of miscreants!

    What in the HELL is that in cafeteria lady's hair net? "Grandmullet" aka "Hot Roller Harry" looks kinda like Kris Kristofferson.

    Excellent captions, Cary, as always! Bubbles FTW!

  2. Yikes! What a sad lot! "Got any gum" guy looks like he might be constipated. Velma looks like she is about 12 years old. "Did you say BISCUITS?!" was my favorite--made me laugh out loud. Well done, Cary. :D

  3. I think I see PeeWee Herman!

  4. It's like seeing the people from the town I live in, all in one place.

    Thanks for the lulz!



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