Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Celebrity Gossip Of The Day

From Popbitch (UK).

JAKE GYLLENHAAL got in a scuffle with a fan who tried to take his photo at a urinal during the SXSW conference in Texas.

P writes: "I was entranced by your Diana Ross/toilet story. An acquaintance of mine had the task of 'looking after' AL PACINO on a visit to Dublin a couple of years ago. All was going well as Al held court in the bar of the Shelbourne Hotel. After a while he disappeared up to his room, and on his return to the bar took my friend aside and told her to go up to the room and flush away the offending bodily waste. She's still recovering."

Perhaps the years and years of flying by private jet have taken their toll on MADONNA’s manners, as when she was on a recent first class flight to LA she was behaving in a very peculiar fashion. She refused to talk directly to any of the crew and insisted on talking through one of her people (i.e. "Madonna would like some water"). No one was allowed to look her in the eye and she also tried to get the entire aisle closed down for her personal use.

ELTON JOHN and Madonna once took the same flight on Concorde. They didn't so much as look as each other, let alone say hello.


  1. I don't really blame Jake. I would probably throw some punches if someone tried to photograph me in a urinal, however, I doubt that is something anyone would want to see so I'm probably safe.

  2. Good for Jake! The rest of them....just more proof that they are a bunch of insufferable jackasses. Madonna is particularly repugnant.

  3. I can't blame Elton for not looking at Madonna. "Skeletor" is pretty scary! :D

  4. The motivational poster today is disturbing and freaky!! Ay-yi-yi!

  5. Good god, I'm glad I'm not a star. I would find it difficult to be such an asshole. What the fuck? Not Jake, though. That's what you get, I think.

    Ditto on the motivational poster. Get some Compound W on that shit.

  6. Taking a picture at the urinal? Didn't anybody ever teach that guy the rules of the men's room?

    Look straight ahead, no talking, flush, wash your hands when done, and leave.
    Rules a 5 year old can master.

    And at no point during which does a camera enter into this proposition.

  7. A friend of ours works at an arena/coliseum and part of his job is setting up/breaking down sets for concerts. He said that for Madonna's show they had to sign a contract that included the promise not to look directly at her (not even just in the eye, but rather not on her fragile body...the eye gaze, it burns). He also said she wouldn't talk to anyone directly and communicated 3rd hand through one of her people. He's seen a hell of a lot of "talent" up close and said she was by far the biggest bitch on wheels.

    I don't want to believe bit that about my boyfriend, Al Pacino. That gives me the sads to think he can't flush his own toilet.

  8. Oh Sandi he can flush it, he just wants you to look at it first.

    I can't believe Cary didn't run the usual pic of "Madonna" - which always makes me laugh - but you know that picture of the real deal is truly ghastly.

  9. I now have that much more respect for Elton John.



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