Monday, March 7, 2011

Celebrity Gossip Of The Day

Rob Schneider should be glad anyone is mentioning him at all.

From Popbitch (UK).

TOO POSH TO FLUSH. From D: "Back in the late 80's I was working in construction in New York and my wife got a job as Diana Ross's housekeeper, at her very plush apartment off 5th Avenue. Among her responsibilities was to flush the toilet after Diana had finished her number twos."

Rob Schneider recently did a stand-up show in Singapore. This is what one of the helpers there told us about him:

* Shorter than expected? CHECK
* Balding and wearing a ridiculous beret to cover this up? CHECK
* Insanely hot girlfriend that he would never get if he wasn't a 'star'? CHECK
* Asking you a question and then ignoring the answer? CHECK
* Belittling the local comedians he invited to perform as guests for not being funny enough? CHECK
* Berating same comics
after they went on for being 'too funny', making his job harder? CHECK
* Shouting catchphrases from one his movies and adding 'Singapore' to the end of it literally from the word go? "You can do it, Singapore"? CHECK
* Sleepwalking through his gig as though he was only doing it for the money? CHECK

Which member of Snow Patrol has been known to warn his lucky conquests that he has a small penis? (We're told, "It is, but it was an okay ride, anyway")


  1. Regarding the member of Snow Patrol, I wonder if he said, "It's small, but it gets really hard."

  2. Frank - you mean besides a dumb name for a band?

  3. Does that song ever do anything but suck?

  4. "Reach out and flush, Diana's poo, your job is really bad, yes it's true."

  5. OMG, on top of sucking, the video is interlaced. Avery thy eyes!



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