Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celebrity Gold-Diggers Of The Day

Not that kinda gold. The other kind.

Btw.. what's for lunch?

Matthew McConaughHEY, I got one!

Pam Anderson discovers that her brain cavity is empty.

Michael Keaton, looking for movie roles. Keep digging -- Multiplicity 2 is up there somewhere.

Good Will, Hunting

Marcia Cross. And you thought her naked pics were nasty.

Halle (looking for a) Berry

Kate Hudson. There's a Black Crowes joke in here somewhere.

Beckham bends it

Picky Hilton

This can't be!

LeeAnn Rimes - snack time!

"I'll be.. wrapped around your finger..."

Not a booger pick. She's looking for coke residue.


  1. I'll be wrapped around your finger made me blow a booger right onto my keyboard.

  2. Cary--the Caption King! The one for Sting was my favorite too. So nasty! Ha ha ha!

  3. I think Mischa and Ethan look better with a finger in their noses.

  4. Marcia Cross had nude pics? *shudder*

  5. Oh geez, I just spewed on my iPad. (sure hope AppleCare covers that!) Stang was my fave, too.

    Doesn't anyone pick their nose in the bathroom? Where there's tissue handy? Not that I pick my nose or anything even like that. I'm a delicate flower, you know. ;)

  6. I figured the Queen had someone to do that for her! These photos all sort of bring these celebs down to human status, don't they?
    Sitting at a Prince concert a few years ago, waiting for it to start, we watched a sound man digging for gold and eating his boogers as he set up sound equipment...we figured his nose was full of coke and he didn't want to waste any of it. He seemed oblivious to the huge crowd in the arena watching him.

  7. They pick their noses, but their shit smells like crushed pineapple.

  8. @ RGR

    Please woman leave some mystery? I enjoy pretending you don't burp or fart, or anything other humans do. You and the other lady LOTD followers exist as magical creatures without flaw or foible.

    Also you have boobs.



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