Tuesday, March 1, 2011

9 Reasons To Keep Your Kids Away From The Zoo (NSFW)

From The Courteous Chihuahua, who might have to change her name after this post.

Reason 9

Reason 8

Reason 7

Reason 6

Reason 5

Reason 4

Reason 3

Reason 2

Reason 1


  1. Well I know it's a successful LOTD if I'm left feeling queasy after reading it...

  2. I don't think I've ever been to the zoo when we didn't see something that required explaining to the kids. Always made for an interesting ride home, though. For the record, flamingos are messed up.

    Actually, I would appreciate some explanation for the rabbits. How is that working, exactly?

  3. "Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it!"

    Zoos can be a danger zone. It happened to us on an occasion or two. I specifically remember bears getting busy one time when we were there. Diversion is the key.

    "Hey, kids, let's go get some Icees over there!" while you point wildly in the opposite direction.

    This reminds me of that hilarious video of the "happy" turtle couple you posted a while back. Makes me laugh again just thinking about it. :D

  4. Which part got ya, WW? The monkey drinking his own urine?

  5. RGR, I think that 4th rabbit is wondering the same thing. Othewise that's a little rude to just sit there and stare. Get in the game, I say!

  6. What some elephants won't do for a peanut....

  7. Have you seen the one of the Chimpanzee jerkin it with a frog? Now THAT will make you want to bathe in bleach.

  8. Hey now, it's not just the mammals that have fun!


  9. The frog-raping chimp is pretty disturbing video. (I'd forgotten I'd blocked that memory out until now...LOL). Those bonobo monkeys are the worst though...omg, brain bleach, stat!

  10. I hate monkeys. All of 'em.

    Okay, orangutans are cute. The rest--meh.

  11. Hell, all I have to do is look out the kitchen window. We seem to have the world's horniest squirrels in my neighborhood and they like to do it right in line-of-sight with our kitchen table. That's made for some interesting breakfast conversations with the kids.

    But I feel kinda dirty after looking at this...

  12. Wow. I'd not seen the Chimp/Frog coupling before. Fucking animals.

  13. Well, now that I've seen it, I wish I hadn't!!! Sheesh. Thanks for that, Frank. Although, I guess if you hadn't posted it, Cam would have. :\

    Your elephant comment made me laugh though. :-)

  14. I hate squirrels. That's why I bought a slingshot. They don't like it.

  15. I "love" that my name will be forever linked with this and that wretched prom picture on the internet. Thanks, Cary. xoxo



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