Monday, February 28, 2011

WTF Video Of The Day

What must it be like to live in Japan? Here is a little slice of what a first kiss might be like to a youngster in Japan. Tender, sweet. Maybe we're not so different from them after all.


  1. Oh, man, I can't wait for my first kiss!

  2. Patience, Frank. Your time will come. It'll be worth the wait.

    I'm thinking this kiss could be added to the cringe worthy kiss list from the other day!

  3. Wow, didn't see that coming. (TWSS)

  4. Okay in all seriousness, what in the fuck is wrong with the Japanese people?

    I mean at worst I was expecting someone to accidentally burp in the other person's mouth, or sneeze, you know something fairly innocuous.

    The guy going all "Twilight Zone" at the last minute kinda threw me.



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