Monday, February 28, 2011

WTF? Books Of The Day

They're real. I just ordered the Beverly Hillbillies one.

See more here. Thanks, Blong, for the link.

Hopefully your phobia isn't pop-up books

You handle it too much?

"Dear Penthorse, I am a filly at a small Midwestern ranch. You'll never believe what happened to me last night..."

Haunted by the ghosts of penises past

"For woodworkers who want to be buried in their work"

Foul demons of flatulence, come OUT!! Leave this rectum at once!

They say he was gay. I don't see it.

Chapter 1: Be Catholic

I have a live pet I'd like to try this on

It will leave you rolling... much like the heads

Jethro 1:24: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth and the cement pond... then Noah rounded up the critters two by two..."

First you must find tampons in the wild and shoot them


  1. I'm wondering if the "What's Wrong With My Snake?" book might be a pop-up too? :-D

  2. I so want to read the haunted vagina.

  3. Color me disappointed. They're sold out of "Teach Your Wife to be a Widow." Dang.

    (I actually did have a phobia about pop-up books when I was little. I had a babysitter who used to do weird voices when she read those books to me. Freaky woman. She was scared of bologna, looked like Norman Bates' mother and smelled like Campho Phinique.)

  4. Could've used "Why do I vomit" for my boy last week. Finally stopped feeling ill last night. I credit the Oscars (where Hollywood's brightest stars come out to shine).

  5. I really must send a pic of my 'Mircales of Urine Therapy' book some time. (Spelling is correct.)

    The lesbian horse book remind me of a Euro movie I saw ages ago where a young woman's bell was never rung while enjoying adult concepts with young men.

    She then discovered bicycling...and took to it with a passion.

  6. True story: "The Who's Who of British Beheadings" is selling for $120.00 new on Amazon. That's not a typo.

    For that kind of money, it had better come with its own axe, and a block for my front yard.

  7. Bludger, was this video from that movie?

  8. Holy shit, Frank! I'm sure you realize that her seat is set too high. She's going to develop knee problems if she's not careful.

  9. Frank, I do believe it was! I don't know what the flick is called though.

    It is quite likely her name is Sterpl, though, which was my WV.

    Lefty, the aerobic benefits of her nice clean outdoor exercise should outweigh the risk of any knee problems if she is young.

  10. Not to mention the aerobic benefits to passers-by.

  11. It is to me. Excuse me while I take my exercise.



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