Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vid Of The Day: They Look Like Sh*t

"You look like poo" just doesn't have the same pop.


  1. 1:22 before I heard my favorite: "You look like hammered shit." It may have been replaced with "stir-fried shit" though. I like that one.

    The people who take the time to put these things together are so twisted. I love them!

  2. Gina Davis and Michelle Pfeiffer get my votes for best delivery. Bruce Willis for quantity.

  3. Aw... The Fabulous Baker Boys. One of my all time faves.

  4. It must be in Bruce Willis' contract that line be uttered in every movie he's in. I thought they went too far in Over the Hedge, the Rugrats go Wild and Look Who's Talking.

  5. How did they find all of those movies? Did they watch every film made since 1980 and excitedly jot down whenever the Magic Line was spoken? Some of those films (*kapfkapf Bonfire of the Vanities kapf*) were only seen by about ten or fifteen people. Did they have a staff?

    Seriously, the logistics of this boggle my mind.



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