Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vid Of The Day: Prince Boots Kim

The Goat (as Tyler Durden calls Kim Kardashian) gets on stage with Prince and does.... nothing? Get off the stage!

Best YouTube comments:

Prince tells you to dance, bitch you dance. It is PRINCE!!!! smdh.

"Get off the stage" sums up Kim Kardashian's life

Too much junk in the trunk....no room for talent

Kim probably forgot to wear her spanks that night. It was probably best for all involved.

She did the same thing on Dancing with the Stars

We've all seen her pussy but she can't dance?


  1. Prince may be tiny but he does not play. To be honest, he scares the crap out of me. I'd do whatever he told me to do AND do it with a smile on my face!

    The YouTube comments are great. "Get off the stage!" Snicker.

  2. I LOATHE these skanks. They've now taught the younger sisters to whore themselves for "fame". Anything to be in Us magazine! Disgusting.

  3. WW - amen, sister.

    Last night I watched Carol Burnett interviewed by Shatner on his Raw Nerve show. She was more interesting and substantive and entertaining in 30 seconds than all of the Kardashians combined will be in their entire lives.

  4. I just read Carol Burnett's latest book. I expected it to be okay-good, it was excellent. A wonderful read.

  5. She looks so old now, even with all that plastic surgery. It's depressing. Her show was a Saturday night staple in my house growing up.

  6. We watched it every week also. Tim Conway has aged quite a bit too. He looks more and more like the "old man" he used to portray for comedic effect on the show.

  7. such an embarrassment to us white folks.
    Of course, it would have probably been much worse had she, in fact, tried to dance.

  8. I could really give a shit about Kim K or Prince, but Carol Burnett? There's a woman of class. She rules.

  9. Carol guest starred on "Law and Order SVU" a while back and was completely amazing. There's a huge difference between actual talent and just being famous for being famous. Carol's the real deal.

  10. If you watch the video from the beginning again Prince tells the first lady to "get off the stage" too, granted he did say "didn't even dance?!" as Kim was walking away and before "Welcome to America."

    Prince is an odd duck but I like his music.

  11. Stephanie - agreed, he is a strange little man, and I can't say I like every bit of his music, but the guy is ridiculously talented.



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