Friday, February 11, 2011

News Of The Day: Suspect Hid Drugs In Penis

I've heard of hiding your penis in your crack--the ol' tuck-under--but never the other way around.

From Woodwoman and AOL News.

Man Hid Crack in Penis

A Kentucky man has been hit with drug charges after law enforcement officials say they discovered crack cocaine tucked into his penis.

Police in Louisville say they discovered a bag of salvia and liquid codeine when they pulled over Antione Banks during a traffic stop, according to When Banks was booked into jail on charges for those drugs, Louisville Metro Corrections officers reportedly asked him if he was carrying any other contraband.

The suspect allegedly said no. But during a clothed pat-down, officers say they found a tiny bag believed to contain cocaine that was tied to the waistband of the suspect's boxer shorts.

Authorities then ordered a subsequent strip search, where officials say they recovered a small bag of crack cocaine that was hidden under Banks' foreskin.

The suspect has been charged with drug possession, trafficking controlled substances and promoting contraband.

Banks isn't the first person accused of using their body as a stash spot.

Last year, officers at a Florida jail observed a plastic baggie containing Xanax fall from a female suspect's privates while she showered.

And it's not just drugs that people hide on their persons.

In December, police in Oklahoma arrested two women on shoplifting charges after the suspects allegedly hid $2,600 worth of footwear, denim and accessories under rolls of fat on their stomachs and beneath their breasts.


  1. gives new meaning to the term "crackhead".

  2. I first read it as, "they discovered a bag of saliva..."


  3. This guy needs an anatomy lesson. He's got his body parts all mixed up. Doesn't he know crack is called NOSE candy. Of course, it's also called "blow," so I can sort of see why he might have gotten things confused...

  4. Whatever they pay the correction officers who have to do those searches it isn't nearly enough. After finding the foreskin stash I'll bet they groaned when they realized they had to look . . . elsewhere. Thank goodness for latex.

  5. God, this makes me proud to be from the Bluegrass State *shakes head*

  6. Seems like a good opening line. "Hey baby, I got some drugs in my penis..." It'd work with the right kind of girl (whom you wouldn't want to bring home to mother.

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  8. Daisy - FYI, coke is the nose drug; crack is commonly smoked out of the end of an antennae that was broken off/stolen from a car.



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