Friday, February 18, 2011

News Of The Day: Cleavage Beef Ends With Woman's Bust

Now, now, ladies, let's not fight over something as wonderful as boobies.

Cleavage Beef Ends With Woman's Bust

FEBRUARY 15--A Florida woman upset that a visitor to her child’s school was showing too much cleavage was arrested yesterday morning after she allegedly took matters into her own hands, literally.

Laura Campanello, 43, was leaving a meeting with her son’s guidance counselor at Bayshore High School when she passed a woman whom she said was too scantily clad. After Campanello asked the woman--another parent of a student--to cover up her chest area, an argument broke out.

According to a Manatee County Sheriff Office affidavit, Deputy Greg Jenkins, the school’s resourse officer, arrived on the scene and advised Campanello that the other woman “was an adult and that I could not tell this lady how to dress.”

“Oh then I can…just do this,” Campanello responded, then allegedly “pulled the front of her blouse down reached in with both hands and pulled both breasts out and squeezed them together.”

The impromptu display in front of several onlookers resulted in Campanello’s arrest for disorderly conduct.

Campanello was booked into the county jail on the misdemeanor rap. After posting $220 cash bond, she was freed early this morning.

In an interview, Campanello, a former Spanish teacher from Ohio whose various medical conditions forced a recent move to Florida, denied exposing her breasts.

“I am a proper person,” she said, adding that Deputy Jenkins was a “chubby, rude, lewd, and lascivious” man who “had it out for her.”

Campanello said yesterday’s incident has left her suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and that she intends to sue the school, sheriff, and jail for their mistreatment of her.


  1. some high school boys had to make b-lines to the bathroom to "recover"

  2. I think I'll go and pull some woman's boobs out of her blouse so that I can sue someone.

  3. Hmmm...well, I hope the Florida officials don't decide to send her back to Ohio. We already have enough "proper" people here.

  4. I'm just disappointed it didn't result in a situation where both women tumbled into an embrace, their loose-fitting clothing falling to the ground while their sweat-drenched bodies intertwined in an intricate embrace of passion. Ah, well.

  5. I hate it when women use the power of boobs for evil and not for good. And in this case, for stupid.

    Lefty, you gave me my first big chuckle of the day!

  6. At first I thought the article meant she pulled the other woman's boobs out and squeezed them that would have some totally different implications! Gawd, please don't tell me I'm starting to think like Lefty!!! YIKES!!!

  7. Gimme more detail, Gin. Nice and slow. Take your time with it.

  8. Man I went to such a lame High School! No scantily clad women & no MILF's pulling both tit's out & squeezing them together.

  9. I feel soooo sorry for her kid. What a nut.

  10. Did anyone click the Deputy Jenkins link?

  11. Heh. I didn't notice it. It's only a head shot, though, so you can't tell if he "has it out" for her.

  12. Knowing him, probably. He's the first person I thought of when she said, "Chubby, rude, lewd and lascivious."

  13. Oof! That threw me back in my chair.

    Frank, nice zinger!



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