Thursday, February 3, 2011

January Engrish Roundup

Further adventures in ranguage.

"How'd you get your pubes so curly?"

Dog meets poo. Dog loses poo. Guy steps in poo. The end.

"Chairman Mao shat here."

No, YOU smell!

Grungy old jeans because you will vomit on yourself after eating eggs with clam.

Have you heard about our take-out menu?

Learn to talk out of your ass in just two weeks!

Don't move. I'm gonna grab the camera.

I can think of a result if you eat that.

That's what you-know-who said.

The Haiku version of the story about the guy whose girlfriend sets his groin on fire.

Gonna be hangover.

"There's no accident here."
"Did you turn left?"
"At the light."
"There was a light?"
"There was?"
"You said there was."
"I did?"
"I'm hungry."
"Me, too. Let's go to 7-11"
"What about the accident?"
"There's an accident?"

Jusus loves me, this I know,
For the Buble tells me so.

"Nice cock!"
"Thank you, I just had it stewed."

So will the typhoid.

Pretty much, yeah.


  1. I, for one, am glad they make Death Milk Socks. Because that Death Milk is always so icy cold.


  2. What is it about poo that fascinates some of these countries? But then again, shit is pretty universal. As someone famous once said, "Everybody poops."

    Love the burning genitalia haiku. Flaming balls are rarely a subject for poetry.

  3. The haiku one made me laugh out loud.

    The line of "beauty products" are hilarious too. Loved the "curly" caption. I don't think I want to know how some of those other gadgets are used. Looks like it might be painful!! And I thought women were the only ones who endured pain for the sake of beauty. :D

  4. Free drinks at the Hang-O-Bar are about $61 at the current rate.

    Oh, here go hell come.



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