Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fugly Prom Dresses Of The Day

I don't know jack about dresses, so I'll take the word of Voronya and Brooke, who sent these. Pics via The Fashion Police, among others.

I bet they sold a lot of these after 9/11

It's on backwards, right?

Needs more ruffles!

Looks like she lost a shit-slinging contest. Stupid girl -- the monkeys always win.

Prom dress: $135
Date for the night: $500 (extra for "full service")

The cougar special

Have you ever felt sorry for a piece of fabric?

They couldn't get anyone to model this one. Not surprising.

At midnight, a baby pops out.

Somewhere, Linda Evans is looking for her favorite dress.

This next batch are entries in a duct-tape prom contest. See more here. Link from Brooke.

They're in the marching band. How do I know? I just do.

He drives a tractor to school.

For a good time, put your "key" in her "heart."


  1. OMG.. the chick in the white dress.. is that real? I'm a "fluffy" gal and I'd never wear something like that.. *blinks*

    Her mother let her go out.. how many said "girl you look hot"


  2. Wow, I had a lot of ruffles on my prom dress but I was definitely out-ruffled by some of these. That "Strawberry Shortcake" special looks like a bridesmaid's dress I had to wear for a friend's wedding in 1985.

    Somewhere around here I have actual pictures of camo prom couples. For real. It's a popular theme at Hooterville High.

  3. I think they misspelled #5. It's not a "prom" dress, it's a "pr0n" dress. Some of these look like they came out of the Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog.

    epic word verification: slyott
    Only a total slyott would wear a dress like that.

  4. Why does the cougar special have a strange bump in the front? Is it a special hidden pocket for booze?

    VW: Dation. It's kinda sad to take a cougar as your date for the prom.

  5. Oh my! I have to wonder if some of these gals have a mirror at home.

    (They obviously have no parents or relatives or friends who care enough about them to stop them from being seen in public looking like this.)

    "Have you ever felt sorry for a piece of fabric?" HA HA HA! :D

  6. Oh, for heaven's sake! It's just hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that this sequence of events took place: 1) some "designer" came up with the ideas; 2) clothing companies liked the concepts enough to produce them; 3) women actually paid money for these; 4) photos of actual women wearing the dresses show up here. Seriously - what are the odds?

    After seeing this, the Big Bang theory is sounding plausible.

    "...Stupid girl - the monkeys always win!" HA HA HA!!

  7. -shudder-

    The stressed fabric chick... so many things hanging out that I can't un-see. Where are Clinton and Stacy?!!

  8. I think the pink satin faux-vagina dress is my favorite - she's really thrusting the focus of the dress out there.

  9. Not by choice, WW. The baby is crowning.



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