Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fugitive FAIL Of The Day

And she would've gotten away with it too if it hadn't been for those meddling heels. And a couple of other big ol' things in her way.

From The Smoking Gun.

Woman Chased By Cops Jumps From Moving Car, Hides In Bushes

Meet Christine Stroh.

The North Dakota motorist, 21, was being pursued early Saturday by a highway patrolman when she allegedly decided to bolt her moving 1998 Pontiac Sunfire and make a run for it. Which likely came as a surprise to Stroh’s two passengers, who were still in the car when it crashed into a snowbank.

According to an affidavit sworn by Trooper Jeremy Rost, Stroh “then fled on foot to a nearby evergreen tree.” She “was laying in the thick evergreen trees and refused to come out,” added Rost.

But when Stroh, pictured in the above mug shot, heard the approaching sound of police sirens, she attempted to flee on foot.

The suspect, though, “lost her high heels and was running bare foot on the ice. The female slipped on ice and was taken into custody.”

A subsequent Breathalyzer test revealed Stroh’s blood alcohol content to be .177, more than twice the legal limit.

So, along with reckless endangerment, fleeing, and driving under suspension, Stroh was hit with a drunk driving rap.


  1. I was afraid they were going to say there were children in the back.


  2. I can't believe with all that running she didn't blacken both her eyes. Bless her drunken heart. I'm assuming she bought the hair bow AFTER a few drinks. At least I hope so.

  3. What hair? What bow? Oh, right, now I see. Hadn't made it that far up.

  4. How can she have that much alcohol in her system and still be upright? Endurance, that's how! She's been working toward this level all her life.

    *takes bow out of hair*

  5. I think she was just embarrassed to be seen driving a Sunfire.

    (I used to drive a yellow one. And I loved it. BUT... I have never worn a giant flower headband.)

  6. After reading just the beginning of this post in the Google reader and before actually clicking on the link to arrive here, I took a guess at what the big ol' things in her way were. I guessed right--surprise, surprise. :-)

    I see by her blood alcohol content picture that it was time for her Saturday night bath.

  7. lame ass bitch; can't outrun a cop.

  8. Had she been smart, she would have jumped into the back seat with the others and fingered one of them as the driver.

  9. I have a serious girl-crush on Woodwoman right now. :D

    As for Tits McGee, here, well... after a few tee many martoonies I can totally see this happening. Nice try, girlfriend. Nice try.

    I won't comment on the Pontiac Sunfire since I have a good friend who used to drive one.... *cough*Mala*cough*

  10. Wonder if she took her name from the beer! :)



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