Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FOLOTD Prom Photos Of The Day

Get a load of you.

Those of you who wanted your dates' faces obscured get a special treat.

If you want to add your photo to the hilarity, send it to me (

Wendy & The Duckman

Heidi Renée, the night of her first threesome

Peggy and David Cross (pre-hair loss)

Tink and a guy from Toto

Amy G. and Jon Bon J.

Amy A.

The Courteous Chihuahua & Clay Aiken

Jody Z.

(whose prom was held at the kindergarten)

Christy & Jack McBrayer

Daisy Duck

Leigh, lost in the forest, forgot to drop bread crumbs

Sylvia's mother said, "Never trust a boy in white shoes." (Later she would tell him, "Sylvia's busy.")

Tracy, her hair, and her date

Lindsey & Lord Foppy McFauntleroy

Chrocs, snapped on her way to the loo

LVGurl, with a wrist corsage that weighed more than she did

Molly's Mom & Charlie Sheen

Rich Girl Red in a chair that looks really comfy


  1. Next week will be the 10th anniversary of my graduation. I'm happy that the dress is too big now, but damn! I'm old.

  2. Oh hush. My daughter's 10th reunion is this year. Talk to me in 24 years about feeling old. :)

  3. Oh, they all look so lovely. Almost makes me wish I'd gone to prom... Almost.

  4. Proms are nightmares, Lefty, and I went to three of them. They're never what you think they'll be. Don't feel like you missed anything.

    Once I'm stateside again and have access to all my old photos, I'll send some in, Cary! I got a lot of em...pretty awful!

  5. We are indeed a lovely bunch. Duckman was a popular guy!

    Liz, you must have graduated the same year I did. :-)

  6. Duckman got a lot of tail. Tail. Get it?

    Szank you, I'm here all ze veek.

  7. I think we look much better now!

    There were WAY too many ruffles on that dress for me to feel the seat of that chair. (Actually, there were way too many ruffles for a LOT of things!)

    My 30th high school reunion is this June. I'm going, but I think I'll pass on the ruffles.

  8. HA! Cary, I guess Duckman must have had a good wingman. :-D

  9. Liz Tee: By then, the crazy cat lady syndrome will have completely taken over and I'll be planning to take Mr. Whiskers to the prom.

    Cary: I never went to the loo on that eventful evening. It took me half an hour to peel off the corset when I got back home.

  10. Oh shoot, I hate being wrong. Love your smile though.

  11. Gay kindergarten? Must be California.

  12. Well obviously Duck Man was in my first threesome. And every one thereafter.

  13. The difference between prom and other dances at my school: more crepe paper in the gym. Yes, that's one lame backdrop. And it's small town Kansas, the rednecks would just die to know the imagery implications.

    My mom made my dress. I think the total cost was for material. I liked the dress, not so much the date.

  14. I would have sent mine in, but I was home sick with a 105 temperature. True story.

  15. Why in God's name did I ever send my picture in?? LOL



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