Monday, February 14, 2011

Creepy Vintage Valentines Of The Day

If you want to keep someone guessing as to what your true feelings are on Valentine's Day, these creepy vintage Valentine cards should do the trick. There are lots more where these came from at ChicagoNow. ~posted by Daisy

Happy Valentine's Day, my Precious, from Gollum.

Remember me? I'm the one who's been stalking you for weeks.

Nothing says, "I love you" quite like a basket full of dead rodents.

Happy Valentine's Day from Carmen Miranda and her monkey.

Don't let him slip you the tongue. (Clowns taste funny, you know.) --a special one for Lefty

Valentine's Day...Halloween...whatever.

Keep your duckydoodle away from me!

Loving you is a real grind.

Happy Valentine's Day, you naughty boy!

"wipe your pen upon my pants" (?!?)

Loving you gives me heartburn.

Love me or I'll shoot myself.

My heart served up on a platter (with some fava beans and a nice chianti?)

Happy Valentine's Day! Here have a wormy apple, and watch your step, or I'll boot your ass and find somebody I like better.

A smelly old sock--oh, so romantic!

Prickly Cactus: Your love makes me sick.
Elf: Here, you can puke into my hat.


  1. Gaaaaaah!

    Haven't we talked about clown warnings!

    Those were all creep-tastic, Daisy! Fantastic captions!

  2. Daisy, the cards were bad enough but your captions made me laugh so loud poor Lola hid under the bed!

    "Loving you is a real grind" from Nashville touched me the most. :)

    My cat certainly thinks dead rodents say "I love you" as well as rabbit entrails, squirrel feet, and bird beaks.

  3. Thanks,folks! :-D

    RGR, apologize to poor Lola for me and give her a scratch behind the ears, will you? ;-)

  4. Excellent! Great captions. I'm really regretting my Valentine choice now. If only I'd looked here before buying my duckydoodle's card...

  5. You weren't kidding when you said creepy! Ewwwwww!!

    Nice list, Daisy!

  6. These were excellent - loved them all. Each one disturbing and creepy in a new way. Yowzah.

  7. Awesome Daisy, fantastically creepy!!

  8. Duckydoodle is soooo is the clown! And what's with the cat? Hell, they're all damn creepy! Love it!

  9. "wipe your pen upon my pants" (?!?)

    There's enough room after "pen" to put "is".



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