Thursday, February 3, 2011

Commercial of the Day: The Force

Surprisingly cute.
(posted by Melissa)


  1. HA! Yes, that was cute. :) I think the dog was growing a little weary of that kid following him around.

  2. So awesome. Reminds me of something my three year old son would do right now.

  3. Awww, what an adorable little Dark Lord.

  4. Ha! Love it! I wish I had a Sith kid.

  5. I want to squeeze him and hang him from my rearview mirror!

  6. Reminds me of my granddaughter. I have her convinced I know EVERYTHING. Just the other day she was testing me on the phone and said, "okay Gram, if you know EVERYTHING, what color is the sucker I am eating?" I guessed red, as most suckers are red.

    There was silence on the line and she said very did you know?

    My response: I told you I know EVERYTHING!

    I don't know how much longer I will be able to fool her, she is 8 now, but I sure get a kick out of it.

  7. teresa, I *love* your story. :D

    Glad everyone enjoyed!

  8. Maxman and I play "Force" games all the time. Our favourite Force thing is "Force Nose Pick!" which, obviously, makes the other person dig for gold. There's also Force Silly Walk and Force Go Set the Table...



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