Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Classic Clip Of The Day: Carvey, Brokaw, Ford

A great bit that Dana first did on his own short-lived sketch show, then later reprised on SNL .



  1. My wife and I can't say Gerald Ford without affecting a Brokaw-esque speech pattern.

    I went to the same high school as Brokaw. A thin brush with greatness, I know.

  2. HA HA! I love this.

    Also, I hate it when the circus lions hang out in the convenience store. :D

  3. I love Dana Carvey.

    The same high school, Lefty, but certainly Brokaw was there DECADES earlier? :)

    That Richard Nixon, he is so tricky.

  4. Yes, RGR. Tom has a few years on me. I moved and went to a school once attended by Mary Hart and David Soul (don't tell Hutchlover).

  5. I JUST quoted this the other day!

    "CHerald Ford, dead today at the age of hatey-three."

    "Today you're not gay, then one day you wake up, you like men, Gerald Ford dies and we're screwed. Everyone's hearing about it from Dan Rather."

    (love it)



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