Monday, February 14, 2011

Awkward Valentine's Day Pics of the Day

In honor of Valentine's Day, here are some truly bizarre couple photos compliments of Awkward Family Photos and The Daily Beast.


You don't want to know where he keeps his spurs.

That's not your Spidey Sense that's tingling.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez sure make a nice couple.

Kris Kristofferson is lookin' good!

We'll always have our love... and this chair.

Nothing says, "I love you," like a new chainsaw.

Maybe she dropped something....


Trade ya!


  1. You forgot to add the man and the cat.

  2. Hey!... Where's the photo of the bride, the groom and the bride's maid at the Holiday Inn?

  3. Don't trade for the apple, dude, it's a trap! Remember what happened the last time!

  4. Haha, Frank!

    Tough crowd today.

  5. Great post, Bev. Maybe next time you can include every single awkward couple photo ever taken in the history of the universe.

  6. LOL! Thanks, Cary. I'll get right on that. :D

  7. Way to ruin Valentine's Day, Bev. Sheesh.

    Doesn't "maybe she dropped something" know that now that she's married she doesn't have to do that anymore?

    Enjoy your VD, Bevaroo! And same to all my other LOTD peeps!

  8. Maybe she wants some furniture, Smama.

  9. Well played, Irwin. Well played.

  10. I'm concerned by mugshot of the day - those are man boobs, yes? I don't know why it's distressing me.

  11. WW, I think they have to be moobs because it looks like there's hair in between them. At least I hope it's moobs. Ewww.

    The "Adam and Eve" photo has so many things going on. The bride's extra-long bangs and her "Endora from Bewitched" eye make-up, the groom's Elfish ears, and what looks like a size 14 ring. (Is it for a finger or a nipple?)

    Kris's woman looks familiar -- I think she's been here before.

  12. Great list, Bev! I don't think I'd want to sit so close to chainsaw guy if it were me. He looks like he could snap at any moment! :-)

  13. Little known fact: Spider-man dude has only his... erm... erect web spinner thing to keep him in the tree.

    The trade ya chick is tiny, or her man is immense.

  14. Ick. Tiny apple girl and giant ring-cuff man are so ripe with creepy Christian imagery. The cowboy and cowgirl above them look like SO much more fun.

  15. Definitely the cowboy and cowgirl. No better way to spend VD, than in a horse trough with someone you love. She just needs to be wearing her hat!



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