Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WTF?! Tramp Stamps Of The Day

Putting the ass in class.

"I fart McDonalds" is what I'm getting from that.

Not really. You forgot in apostrophe in Fuckin'.

That's just creepy.

Now that's funny. She wants you to ride her.

"When you wish upon a starfish..."

"How dare you call me a 'whore'!"

How about my foot instead?

I refuse to make a poop joke here.

OMG no.

Does that mean she has a mustache? She's offering rides.

If only it were that easy to get rid of fat.

Your mother says throw those nasty underwear in the trash, dude.

Her ass loves the meat.

You might be a redneck if...



  1. Nothing like making yourself into a permanent memorial to stupid.

  2. All you need is love AND 5 cents?

  3. The fireworks on the Disney one look like open sores. These are all just awful. I once saw one here in California that said "Lucky you!"

  4. God I've never been so turned off in my life.

  5. The "Never Lie" thing is about the nastiest looking backside I've seen in quite some time. Almost look like burn marks. I have a friend with an "Exit Only" tattoo. His name is Jeff.

  6. It's helpful to have the tattooed's name for those moments when one's male suitor is unable to recall after a night of cheap bourbon and bad Bon Jovi cover bands... I would suppose.

  7. Yikes! Just when I thought they couldn't get any worse, they did!

    Is that one supposed to be a bloody chainsaw???

    The "I Love My Mother one"--EWWWW!! I think any underwear, even brand new ones would have looked nasty on that backside.

    Great captions! The McDonald's one--AHA HAHAHAHAHA!! Yes, I see the little billowing clouds of gas rising there. :D

  8. I'll be back tomorrow, have to go wash the stank out of my eyes.

    For life......dumb asses

  9. RE:today's MOTD... Is that David Arquette? Seems like a shirt he would wear.

  10. If she put Ronald Reagan above her butt crack I don't want to think about where she put George Bush.

  11. If a guy is in a position that he can read "Fuckin Classy," then he's not fuckin' Classy. He's fuckin' Trampy.

    I take the chainsaw as a threat.

  12. "I refuse to make a poop joke here."

    Ha ha!

    I concur with woodwoman that Disneyland Girl's fireworks look like open sores. But she does appear to have a nice body, so perhaps advertising that general area as the happiest place on Earth isn't false advertising.

    But like the original Disneyland, it's probably getting pretty gross after having had way too many visitors.

  13. "too many visitors" LOL @ Kushibo.

  14. rich girl red wrote:
    If she put Ronald Reagan above her butt crack I don't want to think about where she put George Bush.

    Let's just hope she's not sporting a Dick Cheney somewhere.

    Frankly, if she's hiding a weapon of mass destruction, I'd rather not know about it.

    (It's 2 a.m. here in the islands, and this might not be as amusing in the morning as I think it is right now.)

  15. Ronald Reagan?? John Deere??? WTF???

  16. The butt butterfly takes the cake, and why would anybody want Ronnie's name on their backside... (other than Nancy, of course).



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