Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top 10 Famous Last Words That Could Use A Do-Over

Earlier this week I posted some memorable last words of famous people. Here are some last words of famous people who could have come up with better last words.

A fun list from my pals over at The Shark Guys.

Henry David Thoreau: “Moose…Indian.”

The noted naturalist, author, poet and lauder of the Great Outdoors, a man who has sent more young men out to the wilderness to be bitten by poisonous snakes than anyone in the history of literature, was delirious when he uttered his last words. Someone should’ve cupped a hand over his mouth as his previous utterance, “Now comes good sailing”, would’ve been a better closer. Failing that they could have kept him alive by continuing on with the word association: “Moose… Indian… Feathers… Showgirls…”

(See more at The Shark Guys)

1 comment:

  1. Thoreau's smooth sailing line would have been kind of cool, I think. Too bad he didn't know when to quit.

    I liked Bing Crosby's “That was a great game of golf fellers,” too. I liked it better than the one The Shark Guys came up with.

    Coolidge's "Good morning, Robert," was rather uninspired, but then I don't think many sit around and plan what they will say when they are dying.

    Jesse James, after the wild life he lived, left with rather mundane words too. “That picture is awful dusty.”--HA!



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