Monday, January 24, 2011

That's Not Princess Leia (Photos Of The Day) (NSFW)

They had me fooled for a second, though.

Definitely Chewbacca, but not Leia.

"How can you not know the Mos Eisley cantina song?"

I find your lack of a diet disturbing.

Yeah, okay, that might be hers.


  1. Oh dear. Guess what I was for Halloween? I'd like to think I pulled it off better than these. Some of these are made like the drapes of wrath.

  2. #6--Yikes! Doesn't anybody have any self-respect anymore? The dressed up dog is cute, but I hope it sought revenge on its owner later.

  3. #6 is even worse, Daisy, when you realize that it's a man.

  4. Aw, poor Carrie Fisher...she's been through the wringer in life.

    Plus Lucas wouldn't let her wear a bra in Episode 4...I heard her say that when they were doing a George Lucas roast. It was awesome.

  5. R2Dildo? Ouch.

    The chihuahua is the best one. Totally had me fooled.

  6. Woodwoman, I'm sure you rocked it!

    The woman in the brass bikini has fabulous self-esteem. Undeserved, perhaps, but still. You go girl.

  7. I had the major hots for Carrie Fisher back in the day. I saw a picture of her on the set of Empire Strikes Back and she became the recipient of all my libidinal thoughts for years to come. Nowadays I still have a warm spot in my heart and love her sass, but my libido has better things to do.

    Kudos for anyone trying to pull off the Leia slave look. I think #4 gives it quite a run.

  8. WW - Why haven't we seen photos of this?

    Siress - True. Bless her. They taped down her boobs under that white robe.

    Lefty - same here. I thought she was the cat's pajamas.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesn't look like undergarments are an option with the Leia slave dress. I guess you wear it and pray there's not a strong wind.

  9. That last one's not even close. Try again Granmaw! (Mind you - that's better than how she looks RIGHT NOW)
    I want one of those beanies from photo three.

  10. The shark petting technique in the sidebar made me laugh. Not too long ago, a zoo employee brought some small animals (reptiles and such) to the library for a nature program for the kids. I was there to take pictures for an article in the newspaper. Before bringing out the animals, she instructed the kids there that the two finger approach was the only way that the creatures should be touched. I was amused by her demonstration, but I had to keep my amusement to myself.

  11. Princess Leia in the gold bikini. Oooooooh yeah!

    P.S. to the guys here, be very careful about bringing up the subject of your GF/wife wearing that for you. For some reason women don't cotton too well to wearing what amounts to chain-mail on "the girls".

    P.P.S. to the ladies, If you are willing to wear the gold bikini for your man you are worth your weight in platinum. God bless you.



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