Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random, Bizarre News Story Of The Day: Zsa Zsa's Leg

There's a joke here somewhere but I'm going back to bed, so you're on your own. Or "your own you're on."

Zsa Zsa Gabor To Have Leg Amputated

Zsa Zsa Gabor is to have part of her leg amputated.

The 93-year-old actress was taken to hospital yesterday to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles to undergo surgery as gangrene was setting in to her right limb.

She developed a lesion on the leg that had swollen a while back and caused her to go to the hospital for treatment, but it has not responded. In fact, it has increased in size, and the doctors have wanted to operate for several days,” said her representative John Blanchette.

“They’re going to have to amputate part of her leg. They said if they didn’t, she could lose her life.”

Although she had been warned to go to hospital earlier, Zsa Zsa had been keen to spend the Christmas and New Year period with her husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt.

“Frederic and Zsa Zsa asked if they could spend New Year’s at home, and they shared champagne and caviar,” John added. “The doctors came to the house today, and when they unwrapped the bandages, they saw that the wound had festered and they were afraid of gangrene developing, which would be life-threatening.”

The Hollywood legend has been in and out of hospital since suffering from two blood clots following hip surgery last July and was last admitted in November after her doctor discovered she had developed a “massive blood clot” in her leg.

Zsa Zsa was initially taken to hospital after falling out of bed following the surgery and at one point, a priest was called in to read the star her last rites.

In other news, Lon Chaney visits Zombie Cuts.


  1. I get a little upset at the thought of putting a 93 year old woman through that. For what? An extra few months of misery?

    Sorry, my last nerve must be hanging out today...

  2. I read this the other day and thought to myself, "Wow. She's still alive?"

  3. Alive and STILL living the life I wish I could. I hope, at 93, I can still have solid food, much less caviar and champagne. I'd be happy with just having bladder control and a conversation that didn't mention people who've died recently.

  4. My grandma passed away at 96. I'm glad that up until the last week she was able to walk, eat and nag without help. I miss her.

  5. Apparently at 93 you completely lose your sense of smell. You can't miss gangrene. Once you've smelled it, you know it IMMEDIATELY.

    Liz, I thought the same thing except that death by gangrene is pretty brutal.

    I'm all in for the champagne, but I have never developed a taste for caviar. Or beer. And I have tried mightily with both.

  6. This is karma for that cop-slapping thing a few years ago. Serves her right!!

  7. Poor old broad. Losing a leg has got to suck no matter how old and demented you are. In other news, did you see recently that her husband Prince Whatever-the-Fuck accidentally put Krazy Glue into his eyes instead of Visine? Now that's just good comedy!

  8. Into his eyes? Plural? You'd think you'd learn after the first one.

  9. When she wakes up, is she going to say the surgeon is like Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin all rolled into one? Also, how come I can remember a stupid thing Zsa Zsa Gabor said about a cop she didn't like years ago but frequently can't remember where I put my keys? I'm not even halfway to 93!

  10. Apparently the glue in the eyes by mistake is not that uncommon, even among younger people. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, even wackaloon old van anhalt.

    I worked in a nursing home in high school and saw my share of gangrene, mostly diabetics and mostly toes and feet. I don't care ever to see that again. It is worse that you can imagine, it doesn't look a "little" dead, it's like someone's appendage is turning into a rotten, hard black tree branch. Oh and the toes can fall off at a certain point.

  11. It's a tricky procedure, as they only need to remove the upper portion of her leg.

  12. Did she always have Michael Jackson's nose?

  13. Heidi -- it's OK, he wasn't using it.



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