Monday, January 10, 2011

News Story Of The Day: Snow Sculpture "Disgusting"

God forbid a child see a penis...or news outlet WLFI even use the word penis is a news story about a penis snow sculpture. And I thought the South was repressed.

Link from Paul W.

Male genital snow sculpture "disgusting"

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) - With the snowfall we've seen during the month of December, many have been out enjoying it. But you might want to reconsider what you build out of snow - it may be a violation of the law.

Neighbors along North 7th Street in Lafayette said two sculptures of male genitals were simply "disgusting." The sculptures have since been torn down, but the controversial issue still serves as a reminder that obscene sculptures do violate state law.

"Other kids are living on this block. It's just really rude for other kids to have to see what they've been doing," said Brire Gill, a kid who lives across the street.

Gill said what he and other kids in the neighborhood saw Wednesday morning was upsetting. Two snow sculptures in the shape of male genitals were on display at their neighbors' house.

"I would say 'Can you please stop doing this stuff?' because there's other kids around," said Gill.

The sculptures' creators declined to comment, but still had plenty of middle fingered hand gestures to show a News Channel 18 camera from across the street.

"I think it's disgusting. I have a two-year-old. Like, right now, he doesn't even know what that is. It's just not even... People shouldn't do that. It's very irresponsible," said Ghina Robinson, who also lives across the street.

Robinson said her neighbors began building the sculptures Tuesday night, but she didn't notice what they actually were until Wednesday morning. She's more upset with how Lafayette police responded.

"They showed up, laughed and drove off," said Robinson.

Lafayette Police Sergeant Perry Amos said the call was not handled properly by the responding officer.

"His concern was, he didn't know if there was something legally he could do. So, we talked about it and I did some research. He understands there are more things he could do. He felt more empowered to do some more," said Amos.

Sergeant Amos said the sculpture is in violation of a state statute and the homeowner could have faced charges.


  1. Well, southern Indiana is the next best (?) thing to the South....

  2. " I have a two-year-old. Like, right now, he doesn't even know what that is."

    That poor kid is probably wondering what the HELL he has hanging off him!!

  3. What can you expect from a state where it's against the law to make a monkey smoke a cigarette, you can't pass a horse on the street, and oral sex is illegal.

    I'm never living there. Cigarette-smoking monkeys are hilarious!

  4. Hahaha - I used to live in that neighborhood!

  5. I think I'd object too. They put the snow willie in the front yard so it would get attention (not in the back yard), and it did. Then they acted insulted that people were offended. I certainly would not want my kids seeing that and would probably report it...but in the back of my head I know nothing would probably be done about it.
    Because it's the mentality that's the problem, not the giant snow cock, and the police can't make some Inbred Jed see reason if his head's up his arse.

  6. In my experience, people who act all offended usually have dirtier minds than others. When I was two, I didn't know what a penis was but when I saw one, my mother was quite matter of fact when she explained.

  7. So, I guess I'm not "cool", because I would definitely be offended by a snow penis in my neighbor's front yard. Probably because I am extremely post pubescent and I live very close to Lafayette IN... and we are "weird" like that here..

  8. SiressYorkie said...

    I think I'd object too. They put the snow willie in the front yard so it would get attention (not in the back yard)

    To be fair, you have no idea how much trouble us guys have convincing ladies to put a regular willie in the backyard.
    One made out of snow would seem to be a non-starter...



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