Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Headgear Kids Of The Day

It's wrong to laugh at the misfortune of others. But it sure is fun.

I'm too sexy for my headgear/skull fracture combo device.

"Does this headgear make me look dorky?" asked the kid playing an accordion.

So cold. So so cold.

I wonder how many times he got put on the short bus by accident.

Jeez, just wear a football helmet.

He burst into tears 1.3 seconds after this photo was taken.

Maybe she's a welder.

"Stop calling me Nipple Head!"

The barrettes are kind of redundant, aren't they?

I'm hearing Fran Drescher's laugh right now.

"Oh, and Senator? Love your suit."

Sources: DocShop.com, Flickr, Webshots.


  1. Love the Hannibal reference there. Is it wrong to just let my kids have funky teeth rather than to subject them to this kind of hell?

  2. Dang it, wrong account. The above comment is from me.

  3. Hannibal! I knew I knew it but was drawing a blank. Good call, Kingwood! ;)

    Man, all the work I had done over the years how I managed to escape headgear is beyond miraculous. But I'll give that first girl credit for owning it.

  4. I had headgear and blue framed coke bottle glasses. To my knowledge there is no photograph of those 3 years. So I can laugh at these kids who were't as lucky. Hahaha.

    Modern technology can do some amazing things, but there isn't a better way to fix teeth? Maybe there is by now, I'm old.

  5. When my first set of braces wasn't doing the trick, the orthodontist yanked them all off and installed an expander in my mouth for one horrible summer--turns out my mouth was too small for all of my adult teeth. Then I had a second set of braces and retainers for years. I, too, somehow escaped the headgear.

  6. I'm embarrassed to admit that I BEGGED my parents for braces even though I didn't need them. All my friends had them and I was the only kid at the slumber party NOT wearing headgear. I felt left out. I wanted glasses and a scoliosis brace, too.

    My therapy is going quite well, thank you. :)

  7. Ha, Rich girl, I was the SAME way. I was literally the only one out of my group of friends without braces, and I felt left out and wanted them so badly. While they bonded over rubber bands and brackets and such, I was the odd man out. Glad now that I never had to have them though!

  8. I had the option of getting four teeth pulled, or wearing a headgear for an indeterminate amount of time. I chose the latter, and only had to wear a headgear, at night, for six weeks.

    Am I the only one who liked the soreness after a braces tightening?

  9. Frank, yes.

    Heidi, exactly what you said! And in the end the 2nd ortho said expanding my jaw wasn't needed, but that the first dude shouldn't have put braces on when I was so young. Good times.

  10. I never wanted braces, nor ever had them. Being half-blind and wearing glasses was enough for me.

  11. I'm afraid genetics have doomed my two kids to wonky teeth. I never needed braces because my teeth came in gappy but not crooked. I had a lot of friends who wore them, however. My nieces have all had them.

    At least braces are better than the alternative...lest we forget "The Big Book of British Smiles"...*shudder*

  12. I was fortunate enough to have straight teeth (I would have preferred to be gifted with tall and willowy) but my kids all had braces (they are half British after all).

    When the orthodontist suggested headgear to middle son when he was much younger, he told her no way and ran off. While she was explaining to me that he might come around to the idea, he stuck his head around the door and said "not gonna happen, never will, no way" and disappeared again. He was true to his word. The teeth are now straight anyway.

  13. We gotta stop talking about this. I can feel the ache in my jaws. Yes, Frank, you are the only one.

  14. I had a neck gear and could share a picture of me wearing it, but I'm not going to :-)



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