Thursday, January 20, 2011

Great Moments In "Help Wanted" Signs Of The Day

Long-haired freaky people need not apply.

Fearful drunks apply within.

You can't have all the shits. Six Flags needs some.

If this were Canada, it would read "hosers"

Nobody likes a crybag.

Come back next month.

What's that smell? Oh, it's the piano keys.

Maybe you can steal some way from Best Buy.

Must speak Engrish.

Sorry, Madonna.

We need people to pack up all our shit.


  1. Since when was looking like Skeletor a bad thing???

  2. You had me at "Live the Dream." I bet that's how all cab drivers feel. Top of the world, Ma.

    Kate, have you SEEN Skeletor? He's blue. And I don't mean depressed.

  3. Seen on a Pizza Hut in South Dakota:

    "You need work. We need help. It's destiny!"

  4. No wonder there are so many people out of work. The marinated chickens, fried turkeys, sausage biscuits, and shits are getting all the jobs! :D

    "Sorry, Madonna." HA HA HA!

  5. Take off, eh! Hosers need not apply. ;)

  6. Live the dream!!!

    Of cleaning puke out of your backseat on a daily basis. Actually you parents are probably pretty good with that, so hey, you know, when the kids are grown--automatic career!

    I kid. Sort of.



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