Friday, January 14, 2011

Good People of the Day (video)

Except for that uckingfay itchbay who guffaws when the microphone dies--she's no good.

The story, from Yahoo's "Puck Daddy" blog:

Elizabeth Hughes, 8, made her debut singing the national anthem at an AHL Norfolk Admirals (the Tampa Bay Lightning's affiliate) game against the Connecticut Whale (New York Rangers' affiliate) last Friday night. Angelic voice, bundle of nerves ... and then after the words "gave proof," her microphone abruptly cut out.

Read the rest here, or watch for yourself below.

-Heidi Renée


  1. Excuse me I must have,uh, gotten somthing in my eye.

  2. That was awesome. As much as I hate humanity most the time, that gave me pause. I still hate the bitch who laughed. I hope she feels like shit as this clip continues to go viral.

  3. Pass that hankie this way, willya, Stinkbomb? Thanks.

  4. *gets unabashedly teary* What a lovely voice. And that is a HARD song to sing, so easy to get wrong. And because it's the national anthem, people expect it to be perfect. Good on her!

  5. Very, very sweet.

    Although I will say, I totally could have been the woman who laughed - not because I would be laughing at the little girl, but because I tend to laugh at things like "oh shit! the mike went out!" It's just what bursts out. That's what it sounded like to me anyway.



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