Monday, January 17, 2011

Failed Children's Books Of The Day

These titles never made it to the bookstore shelves. Can't imagine why. ~posted by Daisy

I think that may be Mr. Brown's "O-face."

"Mr. Brown" was created especially for the regulars at LOTD. If you're new here, you'll want to visit this post to catch up with the rest of us.

Cary has posted some other interpretations of this theme here and here.


  1. Daisy, you're getting scary with that talent of yours! I spit coffee when I got to Hop on Pop; the cover on our copy looks a little different... ;) Goodnight Baboon! Funny stuff.

  2. Haha! I love Gaseous George! Nice work, Daisy!

  3. Goodnight Baboon freaked me the hell out! LOL @ Paps for Sale -- awesome. I was going to ask if Frank modeled for Mr. Brown but realized that would be mean. :)

  4. Nicely done, Daisy. You are truly gifted. Also, any post that works in both the Duck Man and the Poo-n-Spoo is a winner in my book.

    I think I read Hop On Pop. It's a pop-up book, right?

  5. Thanks, all. :-)

    Mtnmama, you must have the revised edition.

    Bev, what kid wouldn't want a book about a farting monkey, right?

    Liz, a book about a baboon staring into your window would make a good bedtime story, don't you think?

    Cary, I think you're right. I believe that one is a pop-up. I like the pop-ups and the touchy-feely ones best. They are much more fun than the ones where you have to lift the flap. :D

  6. Al's reading material--heeee!

    These just got better and better as I scrolled. Bravo, Daisy!



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