Monday, January 31, 2011

Facebooker Of The Day

Dude... too much work, too easy to track. Just set the guy's trailer on fire. Or challenge him to a drag race. Or a crossbow duel. I do love the profile photo you chose, though. Well done.

From The Smoking Gun.

Phony Facebook Page Vexes Man Who Dated Teen

JANUARY 31--A South Carolina man who recently broke up with his 17-year-old girlfriend contacted cops this weekend to file a complaint alleging that the girl’s father had created a phony Facebook page that described him as gay and included a profile photo of three shirtless men kissing.

Lance Mobley, 21, walked into the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office Saturday morning “in reference to false things being published about him on Facebook,” according to a January 29 sheriff’s report. Mobley is pictured at right.

Mobley charged that Ricky Culbreth, his ex-girlfriend’s father, had created the fictitious Facebook account after he “became mad at him because he broke up with his daughter.”

Police noted that the phony Facebook page “states that Mr. Mobley is interested in having sex with men as well as children and that he is a homosexual,” and that the page includes Mobley’s phone number.

The phony Facebook page--which includes an actual photo of Mobley--lists his occupation as “Street Walker” and claims that “i wear panties sometime its a thong if you are a girl then dont bother me im only interesting in guys only.”

The page, which appears to have been created in the past week, includes the names of five friends, including Culbreth’s teenage daughter.

In an interview today, Culbreth, 39, said that he was aware of the phony Facebook page, but denied creating it. He acknowledged being angry at Mobley because he did not break up with his daughter face-to-face (the couple had dated all of about a month, according to Culbreth).


  1. Mobley broke up with Culbreth's daughter because, while she agreed to Mobley's request of a ménage à trois, she insisted on being a part of it.

  2. The whole thing reeks of Tennessee Williams.

  3. Culbreth's just pissed because he saw this as a chance to get someone else to contribute to the trailer payments and now he can not claim another mouth to feed on his food stamp allotement.

  4. All they really had to do was post the pic of Ricky. The rest of the article basically writes itself.

  5. That's South Carolina for you. Always trying to make Alabama feel better about itself.

    Angry moms don't fool with Facebook. You hurt our kids and we will hunt you down and kick your ass into next week. (or maybe that's just me!)

  6. Gawd, I'd break up with him in a second! Phone or fax preferrable.

  7. OK, p-r-e-f-e-r-a-b-l-e. I hate mispelt words just as much as trailer park losers!

  8. M-i-s-s-p-e-l-t, damn-it!

    Good night.



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