Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Embarrassing Human Billboards Of The Day

Surely there are easier ways to make $7.50 an hour.

I never realized the Statue Of Liberty was a black man. With a mustache.

The elf shoes make it.

Hopefully they make wax sheets, too.

"Eat me!"

Lame lame

With liberty and biscuits for all.

What happens when he has to pee?

Yeah, you look just like Fred. Especially the jeans and the hat.

This one I like. Wish I could see the front.

Desperate times...

Yeah, the soft drink is the best thing on the Quizno's menu.

They win.

Clever, but I bet his neck hurts.

These I especially love. File under Law, Order and Creative Judges.

The flowers make me think she's sincere.

Looks 'Shopped but I hope it's not.

250K? They must have a lot of crime in Harris County.

And this Coke.

Kohl's has headphones?


  1. And drug lords, murderers and con artists get to live the high life... I'd rather wear a toilet costume.

  2. Those poor, poor Liberty Tax dudes. I feel so badly for them. It could be snowing and 20 below, and they are out there waving.

    This post makes me think of "Bring it on down to Omeletteville."

  3. Little Caesar ought not to go commando under his toga if he's going to be kicking up his feet like that! HA! :D

    The pink and blue condoms wanting you to spay and neuter your pets?--Oh my word!! I wonder who came up with that gem. HA HA HA!

  4. The Little Caesars by me has a guy on the corner in their regular uniform playing a cardboard (air) guitar to his iPod. The dude rocks it! Not a shred of self-consciousness. That one always makes me smile. I can't even look at the Liberty Tax guys. Too painful. Maybe they need a cardboard guitar?

  5. The Liberty Tax gig is a sweet gem. I only wish I could score that kind of employment.

    Poor bastards one and all.

    The criminals who hold the signs... Seeing more of this on the interwebs. The punishment may last only a short time, but the humiliation lasts forever on the 'net.

  6. hey. is that wavy gravy in the fred flintstone costume?

  7. I think I had a drunk high school makeout session with the guy in the gyros/falafel outfit. *shame*

  8. Did he taste like chicken kebab?

  9. I had no idea such hard times had fallen on Dan Goodman (aka Fred Flinstone...)



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