Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Classic Vid Of The Day: Crazy Ass Goose

Two things come to mind as I watch this video:

1) Gabby needs to turn in her dog card. Shameful.

2) Her owner needs to turn in his man card. I'm all for being humane, but at the :47 mark, I'm sending that goose to Waterfowl Hell with one swift wring of that long neck.


  1. Is this one of those found footage, but where is the cam corder owner things? Like the Blair Witch Project.

  2. Must have been too close to the nest. Yikes!

  3. Damn, that goose is pissed! I've seen them angry, watched them chase people on campus when I was in college -- but I've never seen one that relentless before. I wonder what happened before the camera started rolling.

  4. I wonder, too. Canada geese usually avoid people, don't they?

    That guy was pretty brave to grab it by its neck. I don't think I could've done that.

  5. Canada geese are total dicks, surpassed in their dickishness only by the graceful, fowl tempered (sorry) swan. The swan is the true king kameha-dick of the waterfowl world. I'm not a hunter, but I'd consider shooting either of those asshole birds. The one in the movie must've been protecting its nest or a really choice porn stash.

  6. What Lefty said. Swans are the reason I started carrying a walking stick on a path I used to take home from class in college.

    Add swans to the list of animals you think are adorable until you grow up and realize you were wrong. Swans, hippos, raccoons, bears... actually, pretty much all animals.

  7. girl on fire said...

    I wonder what happened before the camera started rolling.

    Maybe he goosed the goose?

  8. haha, geese are some badasses, aren't they?



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