Monday, January 17, 2011

Classic Movie Clip Of The Day: Mugs, Pugs & Thugs

From Blazing Saddles, as is today's tagline.


  1. Never gets old. Thanks for the laugh. Who else would be genius enough to end that list with Methodists? Absolute gold!

  2. Great clip and movie! I saw this the first time with my brother many years ago. We still can set one another off with giggle fits by unexpectedly quoting lines from it to each other.

  3. Watched this last night. "mongo only pawn in game of life"

  4. Is it twoo what they say about your kind (ziiiip). Oh its twoo its twoo. Would you like another Schnitzen Gruben? Bitter baby, 15's my limit on Schnitzen Gruben.

    Great post, classic movie. I wondered if we were getting some Blazing Saddles goodness after reading the tag line at the top.



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